The American Dream is a promise; it is a premise; it is a possibility.

The founding fathers laid a framework within which the free human spirit could work. The constitution was drafted to protect the people’s liberty through three branches of government that would afford checks and balances to act as safe guards for the people’s freedom and to ensure that the government would work in the best interest of the people. Human Society is our jurisdiction. What we as a people agree to and allow is what we live under. Gone are the days when a ruling class dictated how society would be run. Those remnants exist as outmoded forms and create disharmonious circumstances within our society.

Now is the time to cash in on the promise of America and make it the Action of America. Whoever feels themselves to be a patriot and

citizen of this country should realize the pledge. Let us break it down.

I Pledge of Allegiance to the flag

of the United States of America

and to the Republic

for which it stands,

one Nation under God,


with Liberty and Justice for all

Let us start with the last line. ‘For all’ is not qualified; therefore the implication, though not specifically stated, means everyone. America functionally has represented Liberty throughout the world and is a regent of the same. When a child is learning to ride a bicycle, the first attempts are wobbly and may result in a fall. The child is encouraged to dust off and get back on. The implementation of Liberty may have failed. Dust off and keep at it. NOW is the time to DO America. America is a verb not a bludgeon. the American Dream is a possibility for all to realize; we spread our light through out the world and are an example for the rest of the world. We have a good way and we would like to share it with you. Unfortunately, it has been gamed to the advantage of a few; and the others innocently play into the game.

Here is liberty’s freedom ring, the torch we are holding up the light; a light to the world, however, it is no light, if we forget justice and deny liberty.

Now is time we ‘Do’ America. Human society is our Jurisdiction we create that which we allow. It is not God doing it to us it is our society. That is what freedom means; the freedom to choose what sort of world we want. If we focus on the negative that is the energy we call forth if we focus on what we DO want then we bring that forth.

Continuing on our journey through the pledge we come to Justice. There is a statue of Justice and in her hand she has the scales and over her eyes she has a blindfold. The scales represent equality and fairness- Fair dealing. When you weigh something it is a best practice to have a scale that measures the accurate weight. It is in the interest of fairness to give the proper measure. The blindfold represents the fact that Justice is no respecter of persons. No matter who you are you will be treated fairly; that is the promise. When Martin Luther King said that he dreamed of the day that we would be judged on the content of our character and not on the color of our skin this is what he meant.

Moving on; Liberty means freedom. The best application is freedom of thought. That is what distinguishes our country. It is the ability to think freely and speak freely without fear of reprisals. Indivisible; On the great seal of America is the Latin phrase; e pluribus unum, out of the many, one. Out of the variety of opinions, we act as one Nation. Under God; is an implicit faith in the higher good working through our country. And to the Republic for which it stands; A Republic is a form of government in which elected officials represent the people. We have the power to vote in who will be our guiding lights. The office of president holds one oath of office and that is to uphold the constitution. That is the framework that was created to ensure in perpetuity our liberties. No other body outside of us controls who our elected officials will be. We hold the Key to the Union by our choices.

The United States of America; The states were given power over such issues as Liberty and Justice. The Federal law should encourage the same not limit them. Hands off of freedoms, however, to benevolently protect justice as needed.

I offer up as brief imagination a Rocky Mountain that is our Nation and the forging of the union as a concerted effort of will. Picture for yourselves Samuel Clemens dressed as Merlin; Uncle Sam climbing down the crag.

He hands her the Ram’s horn to blow into and she does her best

she holds the horn aloft in her right hand,

“ A call to Arms, The one’s attached to the sides of our bodies. Remember our first estate.”

“Thomas Jefferson’s has maxed out his credit and the promise of the Declaration is coming true.” We hold these truths to be self evident; the right to liberty, justice and the pursuit of happiness.

The American Dream is not just the pursuit of material possessions there is a spiritual component that is depicted by the fire in Lady Liberty’s torch. The fire represents the inspiration of America holding forth the promise of a better society where all people have the opportunity to prosper and work and live within a just system. It is all still possible; as long as we are breathing the freedom air. The wind that blows through the flag that holds it aloft-

“Who has seen the wind?

Neither I nor you,

but when the leaves hang trembling,

the wind is passing through

“Who has seen the wind?

Neither You nor I

but when the trees bow down their heads

the wind is passing by. “

Christina Rossetti

The Declaration of Independence was a document issued to announce our intention as a nation to become independent, this owing to the abuses that were felt in every segment of society. The treatment, we felt, was unjust, and therefore issued the Declaration to address.

It is time, now, to take a measured look at our progress, as a nation, and, in the light of the original document, assess by the same measure with which we dealt, now justly, after due passage of time; the noble obligation of an enlightened society, apply to ourselves. In that spirit, I submit to the people of the United States of America:



We the people of the United States of America, being a compassionate and just people, willing to insure, in perpetuity, the continuance of our great and distinguished country, would like to take stock of our progress thus far, desiring to insure that our children and those of the larger population of the world may benefit in that continuity of this, so great a Nation.

America, in the short space of two hundred and thirty years, has become not only a powerful and mighty nation, but a beacon of liberty and hope for the larger world. America, at its inception was founded upon the principals of liberty and justice. These principles are the light that shines out to other nations.

Of late, however, our light has grown dim. We have mistaken liberty for license, freedom for greed and we have compromised our nobility as a nation. A singular factor has caused the glory of our great nation to fade in the eyes of the larger world; a principle so fundamental to the condition of America that it is the very breath of her lungs and beat of her heart.

It is the issue of Justice. Justice issued from the compassion of heart would recognize the sovereignty of each individual. True justice is no respecter of persons, more aptly; justice respects all persons, regardless of any factor, that distinguishes our race, the human race, as beautifully multifaceted and glorious. Justice is blind only to the trivial differences among people; true justice is clear sighted for she sees with the eyes of the heart.

It is time now; let us join the principles of Justice and Liberty with our focused will, to form a more perfect union; that we may set as an example a model for the larger world, by virtue of its just cause, a more perfect iteration.

It is time now, it is a moment in history when we as a people arise

and Pledge our Allegiance to Let our light shine, ever more gloriously; for rather than mere symbols of principals of liberty and justice but those embodied by the will of the people as a matter of course in human events.