Which MeCam is Right For You?

MeCam is perfect for recording photos and videos in places that you wouldn’t ordinarily take a regular camera or smartphone. Here’s how to decide which MeCam model is right for you.

Hands-free video camera

MeCam X

MeCam X is the most advanced version of MeCam camera. For just $349.99, you can own this professional-quality recording device to take 5MP Wide Angle Photos 150 Degree FOV and video at 1080p resolution. MeCam X also comes with a host of accessories including, waterproof case, bike mount, helmet straps, wrist remote, curved mount and more.

If you enjoy extreme sports, diving, or mounting your MeCam X in places that other cameras simply can’t go, you’ll love this option for its ruggedness and high-quality photo and video capabilities.

MeCam HD

For $99.99, you can capture all of life’s important moments with the MeCam HD. At just 2.5 oz, you can clip it to your clothing, wear it as a necklace, or mount it on a surface. If you want HD video, but still want a video camera that is lightweight, the MeCam HD delivers.

MeCam Classic

MeCam Classic is our smallest, most wearable option. At just $69, it is the best option for life logging if you are looking for a hands-free video camera. If you are new to wearable cameras, this is an affordable and reliable option to help you get started.

Have questions? To learn more about all MeCam products, contact us at info@mecam.me.

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