100% Mecareerz and Meplacing areFAKE.

Yes absolutely they are fake & fraud….

If you get any call from mecareerz.com and asking for any paid service just ignore them. They’re really doing fraud and playing with people emotions.

As per my research, they’re not having any original jobs. They’re copying jobs from Naukri.com.and bayt.com collecting data from them and calling us.

My words: Mecareerz and Meplacing are useless portals & Fraud.

If Mecareerz or Meplacing is asking money for paid services? Don’t pay any money, they will not provide any service and if you call them they will not give any response.
This company more worst in Gulf comparing to India.

They’re calling the candidates in Gulf and they’re saying that if you pay 200$, we will send you direct offer letter. They fooled most of the people in INDIA and GULF. If the candidates call to mecareerz and meplacing they will not pick the phone and will not give any response to them Review — Mecareerz.com and meplacing.com paid services

Read the below points, you can understand about Mecareerz in 1 minute. • They are FAKE • They’re doing Fraud • They will take your money & will not provide any service • They’re copying jobs from Naukri.com • Unable to delete account in mecareerz.com • They collect resumes from Naukri and monster for calling

Reviews — What others are saying about Mecareerz.com
MECAREERZ IS FRAUD COMPANY, +VE REVIEWS ARE FAKE It is a complete fraud company because it may possible executive of a company are fraud. but if company give no response on there customer care emails then what?

NO REPLY TO EMAILS. No one is picking my PHONE. Executive is not responding not on phone and not by email.

I got a call from Mecareerz stating that his name is from Mr.Ashok through phone and asked for paid services. I said I am not interested and asked for the reason. I said I don’t believe in these things and he asked me why you have registered with our company and I said to delete my account. he said to delete for my self. he does not have minimum manners to talk to the customers.It is my…

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