Introducing the Universe of Mechachain

Play to earn games have seen a massive growth in the past months.

But what are they ?

Play to earn games are “set to literally change the rules of the game by offering an equal playing field for everyone involved, giving players ownership as well as a source of income and making the time they spend playing worthwhile.”

The problem is, many P2E games are just here to take investors money and they don’t focus on the game or the player at all.

In 2021, who even wants to play a lame 2D game, event if it’s play to earn ?

No one.

At Mechachain, we want to focus on the player having a wonderful experience with our play to earn game.

What is Mechachain ?

Mechachain is a fighting robot game with NFT using the blockchain technology. Each robot is a combinaison of multiple NFT. NFT can be unpacked with $MECHA token, the native ERC-721 token on the Mechachain platform. Each robot is fully customizable.

Mechachain is headed up by four talented people.

The 2 CEOs Romàn Czerny And Maxime Le Morillon are two successfull marketers and entrepreneurs.

Frank Houbre, the COO, has founded numerous SAAS like mymusicteacher and businessdynamite and been active in the crypto space for over four years.

Thibaut Dumont, the CTO, is an NFT enthusiast and has already created a game, maere, which was downloaded more than 5 millions times and played by the biggest influencers in the world.

Our main goal at Mechachain is to create a revolution in the gaming industry. We want players to make a living playing our game.

What if your next job is piloting one of our mecha ?

More information on Mechachain is available on our website with details on their use cases, the Mechachain collection, the $MECHA token, and information about our team.



Mecha Play To earn with Crypto and NFT

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