Day 4-Wed nere’s a will, there’s a day

Morning meditation: A human’s nature is to be busy and do work, so why should you value temporary comfort? The animals don’t! I think a lot of this is mostly unsubstantiated claims, like the whole animals won’t be lazy, or humans are meant to be busy. This makes the quote much less helpful in getting me to a stoic mindset, as instead of opinions where there’s no point disputing them, they try to use unproven facts. Morning meditation reminded me that I have tennis training, with a slightly injured foot. Planned to keep off it a little bit.

The lunchtime activity was about how stoics should aim to love everyone as one, but in a natural way. That is in a sort of familial and unconditional love. In this love, the goal should be not to help others get rich, but to allow them to become virtuous and enlightened, like the stoics. Which, to be honest, sounded very cultlike, especially with the whole halo of light making friends with the world thought. Aside from the really weird way they put it, I like the correction of stoics aren’t emotionless, they merely feel only the emotions worth feeling.

Evening reflection: I am a citizen of the universe. Sorry stoics, I’m going to have to break out of stoic attitude to just laugh at the idea of anyone actually saying this. Putting that aside, the idea seems to be that as a stoic, you are no longer a member of a small group, you are a member of the whole group of everything, and love everything as though it was that way. Still cultlike. I think I can manage treating everyone friendly until reason to not be, but I would never be able to take it seriously with the way they’re putting it.

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