good morning, good night.

I believe in beginning and ending your days with kindness.

I believe in what love used to mean. I believe in the death of intangible things. I believe in holding hands, locking arms and the power of a really good hug. I believe in surprises, even though I can’t be surprised. I believe in laying on the hood of a car on a hot summer night, whispering about conspiracy theories while gazing at the stars, each secretly hoping to spot something weird. I believe in a solid, good makeout session. I believe in getting lost in the rain. I believe in getting lost. I believe in ghosts.

I believe that revenge is a dish best served cold. I believe in living somewhere other than your hometown, as far away as you can, at least once. I believe in traveling, constantly. I believe in weird, small collections that you’re embarrassed to admit to on the first date. I believe in selling everything you own. I believe in the power of film and the magic of stories. I believe that everything can be made to feel better with music. I believe in music. I believe in ending fights with compliments and sex. I believe in creating desire. I believe in living in a cozy cottage as long as the city’s nearby. I believe that Terminator is the most romantic movie in the world. I believe in Arby’s. I believe in always standing up for what you believe in but being open-minded when presented with opposition. I believe in radical change and choosing the hard path. I believe in anarchy.

I believe in neon dreamscapes and hidden rooms. I believe in cherishing your partner and reminding them daily how much you do. I believe in terms of endearment. I believe that telling someone they’re beautiful makes you beautiful. I believe in compassion. I believe in working hard and spending all day in bed eating pizza and binge-ing horror movies. I believe in choosing to relish in the small victories. I believe in the life-changing magic of a home-baked pie. I believe in creating art, as much as you can, in any way you can, everywhere you can. I believe in reading comics in bed and spending hours in the bath. I believe that roasting each other is the second most important thing in a relationship.

I believe that martial arts is the best form of exercise. I believe that kung fu is a lifestyle and never leaves you. I believe in fighting for love. I believe in knowing when to walk away. I believe that there isn’t just one person for everyone, and you shouldn’t let that idea keep you from losing out on better connections. I believe that when people show you who they are, believe them. I believe that I can do anything in the world, and I have. I believe in helping others in a way that keeps them living. I believe in making mistakes. I believe in avoiding strangers but being kind when you can’t. I believe that animals are better than humans and we don’t deserve them. I believe that Strange Days is underrated and overlooked. I believe in Halloween.

I believe that one day, someone will love me the way I love them and this will be exhilarating. I believe in being honest to a fault. I believe in telling your friends you love them as much as you can. I believe in outdoor adventures as long as I get to carry weapons. I believe in a really good prank. I believe in spending eight hours uninterrupted playing video games. I believe in gaming with a partner, side by side, on the couch. I believe in never being serious unless you really have to. I believe in never settling for anything. I believe in listening to what people don’t say. I believe in seeing people for who they really are. I believe in paying attention. I believe in hope, and that good will always triumph over evil. I believe that I’m worth it.

I believe in karma and hope that you get yours.

I believe in saying good morning and good night.

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