Convert your Existing 2D Drawings to 3D CAD Models

In the present era of technical advancement, CAD conversion play a greater role in a wide range of engineering processes. CAD conversion is the process of converting 2D technical drawings into 3D CAD Models. Manufactures and Product designers are always looking for outsourcing companies who can convert their 2D drawings to 3D CAD models.

Many design and engineering companies use 2D to 3D modelling in a bid to more accurately transfer any sketch from paper to CAD. This 3D modelling method offers a much more immersive and realistic design solution when creating designs or structures.

At Mechanical 3D Modelling, we offer 2D to 3D CAD conversion services. We are a topnotch name in the field and have more than 20 years of experience in using Solidworks to create amazing 3D models. Our team of CAD drafters can convert individual drawings, sketches, PDFs or convert your complete library of parts for a fixed cost.

Our CAD Conversion Services includes:

· Paper to CAD conversion

· DWG file to STP file conversion

· 2D to 3D conversion

· PDF to CAD conversion

· Detailed CAD drafting for manufacturing drawings, shop drawings, technical drawings, schematics drawings

· Sheet metal fabrication drawings for shop floor requirements

· Preparation of detailed assembly drawings with Bill of Materials (BOM)

· Exploded isometric views for better design communication

We have successfully delivered CAD conversion projects for Sheet Metal Fabrication, Construction, Industrial Equipments, Building Products, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas Industry. In general, we have a great knowledge and understanding of the requirements of different industry verticals.

Mechanical 3D Modeling is able to take on part or whole project and deliver a comprehensive CAD conversion services.