Dev log #16 — Getting back into the swing of things

Taking it to a new level Credit: unsplash

Hey, everyone. It’s Michael. I’ve haven’t had much time to development. This is mostly due to ACT prep.

Well, I’m almost finished with ACT prep classes for the summer. So I will be free once again. I’ll make sure to write an ACT prep post-mortem sometime tomorrow or this weekend.

Alright, so what stuff am I going to do?

Expanding to Youtube and Twitch

The current forms of content and information I’m creating is through text, and audio. However, there is a 3rd form of content which is visual. That is video.

Why not create a YouTube channel that teaches others about software and web development?

The benefit to this is that many people are visual learners. They may not be good and reading. If they see what is being done, it may be easier to follow.

There is also Twitch. This is where you can interact with viewers in real time. On that, I will be live streaming development of my projects and gaming. I can also live stream with YouTube.

More FreeCodeCamp

I am getting closer and closer to finishing my data visualization certification. After that is done, I will be taking a hiatus from the platform for about a week.

Location side project

I’ll spend some time building a location based project. This project will use either FourSquare or Yelp.

This is to get a better handle on working with APIs and location. I’ll talk about it more when I complete the details.

Well that’s it for this dev log. If you did please be sure to recommend, follow, and share! Stay tuned for next week. Also a new episode of Hammercircuit will be coming out soon!

Michael Navazhylau is a Software Engineer in St.Louis who loves building cool and useful software. He is also the cofounder of Hammercircuit. You can check out his website at Mechasparrow.