Dev log (Feb 15)

Well Valentines day has passed. I decided that maybe doing dev logs might not be a bad idea to keep myself on track. I did manage to complete a couple projects in January and February though. The 2 main projects I worked on this month were, HackerProf and Vesna. This week was pretty interesting, I’ve gotten a couple of ideas that do not rely heavily on JavaScript. I love my daily dosage of JavaScript, but sometimes a break is good. Lets elaborate on some of these projects.

HackerProf (An information collection tool for Social Engineers or simply put your local social network)

I’ve begun building this app called HackerProf. Its a social engineering tool for collecting information on people. That may seem a little abnormal, but you could think of it as way to keeping things in order and track conversations that you’ve had with people. Currently the main features that it has is storing social media contact, name, and description of a person. I plan to add more in further updates of the application. I also might create a console version of this app for more adept use. I need to eventual add capability to upload and download json files for saving data.

Vesna (A web forum for ideas)

I had the idea to build a forum for ideas … Yeah its basically me thinking what really goes into building a web forum from scratch. I could’ve used PHP, but me and her have a love hate relationship. So I decided to go with trusty Ruby on Rails to get the job done. Currently Django and Rails are my back end horses for side projects. The forum allows for user comments, and Idea submission. There is also a dashboard for users to manage the ideas and comments they have created.

More social stuff

Usually I build these things and I do go about distributing it. This effectively leaves these pieces of software to rot. That’s OK to build skill and stuff. I’m not necessarily using any technology that I’m not familiar with or anything. So I’m probably going to put some of my projects up on Reddit for people to grill me on lol

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