Fun job stuff and week of busy

Well quite a bit of interesting stuff happened last week. I was assigned the creation of a mood board and story board for the website. That was not that bad. The main issue would probably have to do with what needs to be done with the website. This is because the default theme does not provide all the tools needed to complete it. I will have to code some new parts of the theme. Also a couple of interesting tests.

The job interview

The interview basically went like this. He asked me only 2 questions and then he went into the job description and legal information. The 2 questions were “Are you familiar with X and Y language”, and “How did you get started programming”. I also gave him a link to my code at Github. Github is basically a website that stores peoples code just in case their computer blows up or their hard drive decides to stop working. After all that and then “getting the job”, I received an email from saying that he hired too many people. I think it is pretty easy not do that, yet somehow he managed to do that.

Website Design

A new design tool was released around 2 weeks ago. It is called Figma. It really helps out for interface design and website design or anything else of that sort that you could do in Illustrator or Inkscape. After finding a couple websites in the industry, I saw that there is quite a bit of stuff that needs to be changed in the website I’m developing for Virtual Enterprise. Also I probably have to talk to marketing and communications about it.

Next week, There will be a couple of cool developments. So I will make sure to keep you people updated on it. Till next time.