New York Update #1

Hello, everybody. Remember when I told you guys I was going to New York? Well, I’m actually in New York! I honestly can’t believe it. I even remember when my business teacher was telling us about the chance of going last October… Here’s some stuff that went on yesterday and today.


In the morning, we took the plane to New York. It lasted about 2 hours. When we got there, we had to wait a while for our shuttle. There was quite a bit of traffic on our way to Manhattan.

Once we reached Manhattan, we checked into the hotel. After that, we went to the subway and got our metro passes.

It was actually my first time on a subway train, and it was an awesome experience. It was crowded, but it was not that big of an issue.

We then arrived in Times Square. At first, it was incredible how large the buildings were. Eventually, I started focusing on what was on the ground level.


Today, we went to Central Park. There’s not much to say with words about Central Park. So I’ll just leave you with a couple pictures…

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Michael Navazhylau is a Software Engineer in St.Louis. He works on fun software projects every week and helps out at IT2GO2. You can check out his website at Mechasparrow.