School and Hackathon

So It’s a wonderful Thursday. Got 2 tests tomorrow. No big deal. The thing I have with school is that most of the time its very grey. I mean It might be different with other people, but when I go to school its pretty grey for some classes. When I mean grey I mean classes that you won’t remember anything about except for the content and the teacher is not very memorable. The good news however is that its not very all classes. I would like to say that its a sort of ratio. The amount of classes that feel are grey vary from day to day however so I won’t go into much detail about it this time.

Laptop Story

Overall today was pretty interesting. I learned some pretty high school stuff. However the funniest part today was the story my friend told me about today. My good friend told me about how is computer got messed up when he was force upgraded to windows 10. I still have no idea why Microsoft decided to do this. In order for me to avoid such issues and limits, I utilize Ubuntu which is a flavor of Linux. So after his laptop got messed up from the force upgrade, he decided to try to perform a factory reset of his machine. The issue was after the factory reset was complete, the system I/O was messed up. This made it where he was unable to use any of his USB ports. I have suggested to him that perhaps he should begin to use Linux. I hope to help him fix his laptop sometime over the next week. I will give a comprehensive overview of what happened to it when the time comes.


I received an email yesterday from an organizer of Global hack. It told me about an informational meeting about the hackathon which occurs in the middle of October. They have tasked us with solving a problem related with homelessness and prevention of homelessness. I still have not explored all the possible angles for the competition. Currently it is just me and my programmer friend with the broken laptop going together. I wish to grab another team mate or two from the informational meeting however. I usually focus on building web related applications. This usually means that I don’t need to deal with low level stuff such as C or C++. So if I were to look for an additional programmer for the team. He must be able to utilize HTML, JavaScript, and CSS at the very least. I have learned though that the web design classes that are offered at the high school give a basis yet gloss over CSS frameworks that make life so much easier. I currently use Bootstrap when it comes to that. So you could essentially say that my criteria for an additional programmer is pretty high for a high school programmer. But I’ve been doing this for a while.

Somewhat related to the hackathon. I build my apps using a web framework called Ionic. It is really cool. It helps ignore the pain involved with trying to build a native app with the native programming language. This would be Java for Android and Swift or Objective-C for IOS. The current app I am considering adding some features to is a homework manager. I just use it to manage my homework. The features I plan on adding possibly is maybe a color coding system for priority of homework. I also built a social engineering app, but I haven’t really started utilizing it. I might also implement a way to share it across my desktop and smartphone. I know it’s complicated, but I find it more useful on my phone rather than writing it down.

Well that’s it for today. I’ll have a couple more interesting stories to tell tomorrow.