Why you should study outside of (high) school.

With finals right around the corner. I can’t wait for the winter break following it. Winter break is often a time seen to relax and spend time with family. I will be taking some time during my break to study on some mildly interesting subjects (namely computer science :) Why might you ask?

Not all education is constrained to the classroom

Many of the coolest things in life that I learned were outside of class. I would recommend taking a look at https://www.meetup.com/ for some examples. Events like festivals, meetups, and conventions help broaden the scope as far as what can be learned. Soft skills such as leadership, teamwork, and communication are often learned in competitions and high stress situations. After school clubs such as Future Business Leaders of America and the Virtual Enterprise program help bring these opportunities into school. However,with the initiative to achieve beyond what school asks of you, employers and colleges see a self-driven learner striving for success.

Schools are built for general education

Even though they are some specialized schools. Most public schools and their curriculum are designed to help create a “well-rounded” student. Even though this is good, this does not necessarily help students get a head start in the career they want to pursue. High schools have become better at helping students take more individualized classes. Say you wanted to major in computer science. Most high-schools will only offer one year-long class over the year. But what happens when you finish learning it in class? Well you might have learned quite a bit. But that may only be the surface of the subject you want to study. So if you are interested in a subject, study further than intended of the teacher. You never know when it might benefit you.

Well I will be on a minor break for finals and winter break. I will be back on the January 2. For discussion of New Years and the like. Until then. Happy holidays!