What is MECI ?

3 min readJun 22, 2022


A place where you can experience everything that exists only in your imagination!

Meta Game City (MECI) is a P2E game platform that can earn profits through various games on the metaverse platform, and users can enjoy online games through its own Mainnet with high processing speed and security.
MECI Token is a currency commonly used within Meta Game City platform and can be used in various ways, such as exchanging game money and purchasing items.
In addition, Token holders can also use it as assets and use it for governance voting.
Ultimately, Meta Game City aims to enable users to engage in various economic and social activities within a metaverse space.

Platform Composition

Metaverse Ecosystem, Crypto Game City ‘Metaverse’, refers to the “Universe” that Combines Reality and Virtuality, and is a Virtual Convergence Space that enables leisure and economic activities based on IT Technology. The “Metaverse Game City” Platform plans to sell Land with ownership based on the Binance Chain and allow those who purchase land to produce and disclose Content on the Property. The released Content can be traded with the Token “MECI” of “Metaverse Game City.” As a “Metaverse Game City”, Decentralized Virtual Reality Platform, users can provide experience and generate profits by creating Content, Games, and Applications on the Virtual Land that makes up a Mobile Three-Dimensional Space Platform. The Goal of this platform is to create a Virtual World in which Virtual Residents own Virtual Assets.

Metaverse Ecosystem Composition

Experts in Artificial Intelligence(AI), Virtual Reality(VR), Augmented Reality(AR), Blockchain, Internet of Things(IoT), Digital twin, 5G, Supercomputing, Data, and Content will participate in the development. It will be designed to enable Education, Society, and Financial Activities that take place in daily life so that users can perform Economic or Social Activities of urban life in real time and eventually acquire Economic Value even in Virtual Space.

NFT Marketplace

Referring to Luniverse NFT Platform Architecture, Lambda 256, a Subsidiary of Dunamu Blockchain, we intend to provide a One-Stop Service that allows from NFT issuance to Sales through “BNB Chain.” In addition to Virtual Assets (Characters, Fashion Items, etc.) used in Metaverse, users can issue and sell Contents they have created as NFTs. NFTs of the P2E Game serviced by the Metaverse may be traded.


DeFi-NFT Platform is characterized by Cross-Chain, Cross-Commerce Portal, Cross-Framework, and Global Infrastructure that use MECI’s DeFi Blockchain Operating Environment. MECI’s DeFi-NFT Platform is designed as an Infrastructure Blockchain Platform introduced and operated through Binance Chain’s Framework Substrate used to create Distributed Apps in MECI’s Ecosystem. The DeFi-NFT Platform aims to establish a system that can solve Transaction Fees and Speed Problems for ERC-based NFTs.

VR-Based Social Online Game

As technology advances, Virtual Reality Games are becoming more and more noticeable in Online. Virtual Reality, also known as VR, is Computer-Generated Software that allows users to experience Realistic Environments through Computer Screens using Special Devices such as Helmets and Sensors. You can enjoy the game by holding a VR Controller in your hand and moving up, down, left, and right as if playing an Actual Game. Up to Five game users can play Multi-Play, and even Voice Chat is intended to be implemented.