The Morpheus Labs Journey

We had always aimed to develop a Blockchain-Platform-as-a-Service to empower people to solve complexities and unknowns in building DApp and IT solutions at a lower cost, in a shorter time. After all, our platform was first conceived with a purpose to simplify the process of building blockchain applications to meet future business needs.

We launched our platform in 2019; onboarded valued blockchain partners on our BPaaS; we watched our platform users grow; we dived into partnerships and distributorship with IT solution providers and software development houses; we have been featured on Forbes; we attended the official launch of the Medini Blockchain Village initiative in Malaysia, the biggest urban development Smart City to date; we are in discussion on how to help shape the future of blockchain; we became a technology partner within AWS and have been recognized by IMDA (Singapore Infocomm Media Development Authority) in the Singapore Blockchain Landscape alongside consulting and tech giants. You may read about our milestones in 2019 here.

Work in Progress

We have continued to forge ahead with our goals in the first half of 2020. Despite the on-going pandemic, we successfully implemented a .NET based enterprise application using the integrated .Net capability in Morpheus Labs BPaaS; helped businesses to work remotely in blockchain development on our platform; recently launched our BPaaS V2.0 which is now known as Morpheus Labs SEED; and we embarked on a partnership journey with providers such as Hanwha - Dream Plus and recently with Conflux, to foster educational and commercial opportunities progressively.

The talent shortage within the blockchain industry is an acute problem faced by many enterprises. To help train more blockchain talent, we believe partnering with some of the best educational institutes will help to create a solution. We are in talks with several education providers and we will continue to develop in this direction.

As we build our business network, Morpheus Partner Central, we dive into joint business relationships with international industry leaders in areas such as professional services, leveraging their expertise and experiences to empower the world to move towards digital transformation in business. Our goal is to scale engagement across the market through the application of learning and replication. For example, the Morpheus team works diligently to design solutions on blockchain and other technologies such as RPA, AI, IoT and more, and then validate them as use cases on SEED with our clients from selected tech firms. From here, we create the use cases featured in our Solution Center on SEED that act as a playbook to help our clients and partners accelerate the adoption and development of solutions.

In case you missed it, we have just entered into a partnership with three companies specializing in DApp development, asset digitization and DeFi innovation, with the goal of helping companies accelerate DeFi application development. There is a lot of potential to achieve much more in this emerging technology.

Blockchain is a foundational technology. It can create new foundations for our economic and social systems and revolutionize business. But while it will have a significant impact, it will take decades for blockchain to seep into our economic and social infrastructure. The process of adoption is a gradual and steady one, not sudden, as waves of technological and institutional change gain momentum. I am glad that the community recognizes the importance of focusing on real work instead of believing solely in empty promises and hype.

It would be a mistake to rush headlong into blockchain innovation without doing the groundwork and ensuring that the company lays a stable foundation for years to come. When the time is right, as the technology matures, it will be another adventure. There
would be worldwide expansion even in the business.

The Morpheus Labs journey is not without obstacles or pressure, and I am most proud to be on this journey.

About Morpheus Labs

Headquartered in Singapore, the team at Morpheus Labs comes from diverse backgrounds banded together, has created Morpheus Labs SEED (Solution Environment for Enterprise Development), a go-to platform offering mission-critical tools, infrastructure, various blockchain protocols, and blockchain use case references for enterprises and developers to build, experiment and manage their own applications effortlessly at minimal cost and time.

The technological capabilities enable users to develop and spin up multiple blockchains within a 5-minute timeframe.

Morpheus Labs is the only end-to-end blockchain platform and app marketplace with a variety of active blockchain partners whose vision and goal are to find solutions to problems hindering mass adoption.

Connect with us via the following channels;
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Blockchain | Crypto enthusiast | Content creator | Graphics designer.

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Blockchain | Crypto enthusiast | Content creator | Graphics designer.

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