Whether your parent is in assisted living or living at home, there are ways for you to keep them safe

YYesterday, as I closed the door and left my 87-year-old mom’s assisted living home, I felt a knot in the pit in my stomach. Who would hug her, talk to her, hold her hand, and remind her that she was loved? How could I even explain my absence to her…

Unearthing her origins required keen detective work and diligence

SAY MY NAME! To honor the memory, sacrifice, and very being of our ancestors, we say their name. If we don’t know their name, they may call to us to seek it out.

PPopcorn ready, I was on the couch, feet up and glued to the TV. Valerie Jarrett, President…


Physician, Speaker, Author, Patient Advocate, “Woke” Historian, healer, spiritual being and lover of life

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