8 Mistakes New Golf Cart Owners Should Avoid Making

Mersad Berberović
Aug 3, 2016 · 5 min read

As the owner of a new golf cart, it is inevitable that you will learn a lesson or two from your mistakes. However, some blunders can be easily avoided by learning from those who have made them before. In order to save yourself a great deal of time and money, be sure to avoid these mistakes when you finally purchase a golf cart:

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  1. Purchasing the First Golf Cart You See

With any big purchase, it is best not to rush into the decision. There are many important factors to consider before you commit to purchasing a golf cart. Electric or gas-powered? What will you be using it for? What brand or model is best for your purpose? New or used? Taking the time to carefully think over these questions will help ensure that you don’t regret your purchase. When purchasing a used golf cart, individuals must be extra careful online. While it can save you a lot of money, some sellers will attempt to scam you into purchasing an over-priced golf cart.

2. Skipping Preventative Maintenance

Every vehicle must be maintained regularly in order to work efficiently and increase its lifespan. Golf carts are no different. Many new golf cart owners make the mistake of thinking that their golf cart is just a fun little vehicle that doesn’t need the same maintenance as a car. New owners must perform monthly checks for battery corrosion or damage, tire pressure, the brake system, and other components of your golf cart so that you can avoid bigger issues with your cart in the future.

3. Not Bothering with Accessories

Accessories aren’t only for improving the appearance of your golf cart. In fact, some accessories are necessary depending on what you are using your golf cart for. From riding around the neighborhood to hunting, some parts can make your entire golf cart experience much better. Perhaps you need golf cart wheels and tire combo for that off-road excursion, or maybe seatbelts and headlights to make your golf cart street legal. No matter what you are using your vehicle for, there are many accessories that are worth buying.

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4. Neglecting the Tires

Checking your golf cart’s tire pressure and cleaning the tires regularly will help you get more use out of them before they need to be replaced. It is an easy thing to do, but many golf cart owners don’t pay much attention to their tires and forget to check them every few weeks. Check your tire pressure when your tires are cold and you haven’t been driving your golf cart around. Heated tires will give you an inaccurate measure of your tire pressure. Purchase a tire pressure gauge and check the owner’s manual of your golf cart to see what the recommended inflation level is for your tires.

5. Letting Irresponsible Friends Drive Your Golf Cart

We all have those friends who aren’t the most responsible individuals in the world. It is all too easy to think that letting them take your golf cart out for a spin won’t be a big deal, but many golf cart owners come to regret this. If your friends have been drinking or are in a playful mood, it is crucial that you find some way to tactfully get out of letting them drive your golf cart. Not only is driving with rowdy friends a distraction to the driver, but irresponsible people behind the wheel can also be a danger to everyone in the area. Just because golf carts are slower than cars doesn’t mean that someone can’t seriously get hurt from them.

6. Not Charging Your Batteries Properly

Those who own an electric golf cart will need to know how to properly charge and maintain their batteries if they want to get the most use out of them. Your batteries should be charged after each use, even if you didn’t drive it very much that day. It is better for your batteries to start each day fully charged. In addition, it is important that you avoid driving your golf cart until the battery dies, as this will significantly reduce the lifespan of your batteries.

You should also be regularly cleaning your batteries to keep them free from dirt and debris. Not cleaning batteries regularly can lead to corrosion and eventual battery failure. Batteries are not cheap and, by performing routine maintenance, you can save yourself quite a bit of money.

7. Fallintore the Golf Cart Properly

Whether it is short term or long term, failing to store your golf cart properly is a big mistake that can lead to serious (and expensive) problems later on. Engine damage and ruined batteries are typically the result of improperly stored golf carts, and you can avoid this by knowing how to store your gas or electric powered golf cart properly. To correctly store your golf cart, follow these tips and consult your owner’s manual for additional requirements:

For electric golf carts: Perform preventative maintenance procedures such as checking your tire inflation, performing semiannual periodic lubrications, cleaning the batteries, and filling the batteries with water and fully charging them.

For gas powered golf carts: Check your tire inflation, make sure that the motor has enough oil, the gas tank has been drained of fuel, and the battery cables are unplugged.

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8. Follow the Rules of the Road

It may seem like common sense, but those who drive golf carts sometimes forget that they are required to follow the same road laws as automobiles. While these laws may vary with every state, golf cart owners are expected to follow the usual rules of the road, such as coming to a complete stop at stop signs, yielding to pedestrians at crosswalks, and not driving while under the influence. While owning a golf cart is fun, it is also a lot of responsibility, and following the rules of the road will help keep you and everyone else safe!

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