Baggo Board Features

Baggo has become one of the top lawn games over the past couple of years. It can be played on grass, concrete, or sand — basically, anywhere there is enough room and people to play. Baggo is typically played at social events such as tailgating, graduation parties, family reunions, and barbecues, or even just for fun! Anytime there is a social gathering, it is a very good time to play this game.

Baggo boards have evolved, and they are becoming more regulated, efficient, easy to store, and customizable. Below are four main features that have recently been improved or added by Baggo.


Everyone has one friend or family member who argues about what the points are or who forgets the score. The addition of the built-in scorekeeper will help overcome any scorekeeping issues.

The scorekeeper is located on the Baggo board with numbers, and uses a black slide piece. Whenever you score, you just slide the black piece to the correct number.

Regulator Cord

Since Baggo games are easily portable and often played year round in multiple locations, it is usually hard to judge how far apart the boards should be from one another. To solve this problem, Baggo has installed a distance regulator cord. This cord is 27 feet long and is attached to both boards.

On one of the front leg supports of the Baggo boards, there are notches on the side. This allows you to unclip the cord from one board and wind it up on the front leg of the other board. This notch feature also allows for easy storage of the cord when it is time to pack the boards up.

Bean Bag Pockets

It is always a hassle trying to find a place to put the bean bags when storing the boards. They can easily get lost or destroyed. The new bean bag storage feature ensures the bags can all be found in one place.

After a game of Baggo has ended, simply pick up all the bags and store them in the sturdy, plastic pockets on the backside of the boards. Each board can hold up to four bean bags.

Carry Like a Suitcase

When Baggo boards began, they were made of heavy wood and nails. It was hard to store and carry the boards to different locations because they were bulky and cumbersome. Baggo has found a solution to this problem.

When you have two official Baggo boards, snap them together and carry them like a suitcase. These boards are also made out of hard plastic which allow for a lighter load and easier carrying. Once the boards are snapped together, there is a black plastic handle on the side which is more comfortable for carrying the boards.

Other Features

Baggo has introduced and reinvented the game of Baggo with many additional features such as:

  • Front and back game board legs give Baggo the proper angle for playing.
  • Imprinted rules & scoring on the back of the Baggo game board leg for quick reference.
  • 10-page color instruction manual with cutout warranty card.
  • Wall mounting bracket for easy storage and display.
  • 16 low profile tabs give players the option to customize the game board with any design they choose.
  • Lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.


The number one reason Baggo is the best in the business is because of their ability to customize any Baggo game. Not only can you change the appearance of your boards and bean bags, but also you can purchase separate accessories to improve and enhance your game.


Baggo allows for any board to be customized with a logo, design or photo of your choosing. The logo, design or photo is printed onto a screen and attached with the 16 low profile tabs along the edges of the boards. The tabs will not interfere with the game.

The screens are easily removable, and you can switch out the picture for a new one. Screens are easy to clean by simply wiping with soap and water.

How to Get Your Own Screen

  • Find a picture, design, or logo that you want for each board.
  • Upload it to an email.
  • Send the email to
  • Baggo will print out the artwork.
  • Personalized screens are shipped the next business day.
  • To customize your bean bags, follow the same steps as you would for the screens, but order the design for bean bags instead.

The boards and bean bags have a lifetime warranty.

If you are having trouble deciding what design to put on your board, Baggo offers several pre-made designed screens for any Baggo board. You can order specially themed inserts for a birthday, office party, or other special celebration. The most popular screens are team logos for sports logos so fans can demonstrate their support.


The Baggo caddy is a favorite accessory for Baggo fans. This caddy has several different features which include dual scorekeepers (Home/Away), dual drink holders, side platforms to hold official bean bags and stakes for outdoor support. The caddy is easy to store and can hang onto the side of the Baggo boards to make carrying the gear easier.

For games that go long into the night, Baggo offers a caddy with light. The LED light will illuminate the game area so you can keep playing when the sun goes down.

For serious competitors consider purchasing t-shirts for tournament weekends. They are available in several sizes and colors.


Whether you are tailgating, celebrating a birthday or graduation, at the beach, a park, or even in your own backyard, Baggo is a must-have lawn game. Baggo has many features that allow you to play anywhere and anytime. Baggo has boards and bean bags that are game regulated and easy to store when not in use. They also allow you to customize your game, whether it is through changing out the screens or acquiring different accessories. Baggo provides you with the perfect party accessory for all events, age groups, and skill levels.