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The dental imaging section makes it straightforward to manage the patients X-Rays, OPG and RVG before treatment or after treatment images. It also can store the scanned case reports and medical reports etc. It save the date of transfer, remarks, etc for future reference.

Mectron are well known in the marketplace for offering a large range of Dental OPG. The Dental OPG System available with us is used by dentists and has long life systems. Dental OPG System is provided by us as per the specifications given by the purchasers and at reasonable costs.

Digital OPG normally referred to as Panorex or full mouth radiograph offers an entire image of all the teeth and jaw bones thereby enabling the doctors to diagnose higher. OPGs are utilized by Dentists to provide information on compact wisdom teeth, periodontal bone loss and finding the source of dental pains, Assessment for the position of dental implants and orthodontic assessment.

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