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Mectronindia adopts a new and increasingly successful X-ray technique known as Cone Beam CT (CBCT) ideal for obtaining three dimensional reconstructions of teeth and the entire maxilla facial area. If compared to more dated tomography techniques such as CAT scans, CBCT has the advantage of acquiring images.

A CBCT scanner uses a collimated x-ray source that produces a cone or pyramid shaped beam of x-radiations, which makes one full or partial circular revolution around the patients, manufacturing a sequence of separate planar projection pictures using a digital detector. These two-dimensional images are reconstructed into a three-dimensional volume that may be viewed in a variety of ways in which, including cross-sectional images and volume renderings of the oral anatomy.

CBCT technologies provide a complicated point-of care imaging modality that clinicians should use by selection as an adjunct to standard dental radiography. The choice of CBCT for dental and maxillofacial imaging should be supported skilled judgment in accordance with the best accessible scientific proof, consideration potential patient benefits against the risks related to the amount of radiation dose.

Highly durable CBCT System is offered which is extensively used in hospitals to align patients, detect non-rigid spinal cord distortions. Further, the offered CBCT System is also known as Cone beam computed tomography system. CBCT System is known for its efficient working capability.

* Reliable
* Timely execution
* Highly demanded

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