Why Angular 2 (4, 5, 6) sucks
Artem Golovin

I’ve lost 2 years of my life learning and learning angular2 from beta to angular4, when they rewrite his http componen in angular 4.3 , i’ve realized that angular4 will have no future, why they did not in the v2? why they are trying still improve things, well, react, relay, graphl, apollo have at least 1 year in advance of angular 4, 5, and doing the things clearer. I ‘ve believed always in ‘angular is a framework’ and ‘react’ no, but i’ve realized most of bloggers, experts and evangelist angular never wrote in his life in real large app js, and maybe never wrote an real large app, just todos, but they keeps actives in twetwer, blogs and same they write a book, like ‘become a ninja with angular’ , yes angular SUCKS