Admit It. The Clinton Email Controversy Bothers You, Yet You Don’t Actually Know What the Clinton…
Ken Crossland

Completely and totally wrong. The pieces of classified information that she revealed in her private server account are some of the closest kept secrets in our inventory. Information is classified as “Confidential”, “Secret” and “Top Secret”. Some information is so sensitive that keeping it “Top Secret” is not enough. This Higher than Top Secret information is known as “Compartmented” information. These compartments keep the information only available to those people who are BOTH cleared for Top Secret and are ALSO cleared for that compartment.
The information revealed by her on her server is in two compartments that we know of. One is the “Keyhole Talent” compartment. These are secrets that reveal just how good our satellites are. If a country knows that we are looking, how well do they have to hide something to make sure we cannot see it? THAT secret is found in the Keyhole Talent compartment.
Another compartment that we know was compromised was the “Gamma” compartment. This contains information on foreign individuals who are involved in espionage matters. One of her emails revealed that a particular Iranian Nuclear Scientist was passing us information on the Iranian Nuclear Program. I say “was” on purpose, because this scientist was executed. Can we say it was because of her email? No one outside the Iranian Government can say, but how big of a “Mistake” do you consider that to be???

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