Practicing English Series {WEEK 1}

  • Resources for learning
  • Things that I have learned


  • Book

About my objective , now I focused on grammar and vocabulary , so I want to find some book that will answer my point , then I found this blog ,this blog talk about the book for practicing or repeat your grammar , I’m so excited to find this book so I went to Chula Book Center to buy these book but I can get just only this book .

An Advance grammar book by อาจารย์ สำราญ finished already , But I think I’m a lucky person cause I talked with my friend and my friend have that book LOL….

  • Videos & Facebook Page

About vocabulary and general topics, I have learned by this video คำศัพท์ 800 คำ and from เด็กไทยไกลบ้าน this page is very good for me cause have so many knowledge about English , and I bought vocab book from this page to memorize vocabulary each day.

Things that I have learned

All my first week I know more vocabulary about science part , repeat some basic grammar such as Part of Speech.

That’s all of my first week , thanks for reading this blog.

Hope you enjoyed it and you can comment or give some recommend to me down below. Thanks a lot ^^