How to Install WhatsApp for Blackberry Q10

How I wish I knew how to install WhatsApp on blackberry before now. I had to opt for an android phone when WhatsApp announced its withdrawing support for Blackberry 10 after December 31 of 2017; it was so painful! With WhatsApp download for blackberry Q10, you can continue using the messaging app on blackberry, if you follow the guide discuss in this article.

However, I still hopefully await the day WhatsApp would have a rethink and announce official support for Blackberry, but before then, enjoy the discussion on WhatsApp free download for blackberry q10

To install WhatsApp on blackberry and have fun with the globally acclaimed king of messaging app:

Before you proceed…

Using WhatsApp free download for blackberry q10 requires a workaround to install a third party application that will interface between WhatsApp and your blackberry device. Now that you know we will be using a workaround method to get WhatsApp to download for blackberry Q10, let’s discuss it in step by step format to get WhatsApp working on your BB10 device again. Let’s go!

What third-party apps will you need?

To WhatsApp free download for blackberry q10, you will need to download two other third-party apps called: Snap and Sachesi, and Google account/Gmail.

• Why snap? By official default, you are supposed to download WhatsApp from Google Play Store. But because blackberry no longer enjoys official support from WhatsApp, snap will be needed to install WhatsApp on blackberry as if you downloaded it from the Google Play Store.

• Why Sachesi? You cannot directly install Snap on your blackberry device due to a compatibility issue, but another workaround is to get Sachesi to do the job of installing Snap on your BB10 device.

• Why Google account? This gives you access to WhatsApp on Google.

Therefore, what we want to do is to install Sachesi on your BB10, install snap on the Sachesi installed and install WhatsApp on Snap and get WhatsApp free download for blackberry Q10.

Let me assure you that both third-party apps are safe and secure for your BB10, so there is nothing to worry about using the workaround method. I have a 100% guarantee that this method will work correctly if you follow the steps as described below:

1. Connect your blackberry to your computer PC or Mac)

2. Launch Google Chrome browser this process works only with chrome)

3. In your browser, type the following address: to download Snap app. Once loaded, select the Snap icon. (when you click Snap button, a checkout page that looks like you want to make a purchase. But don’t worry, it’s only a procedure, you will not be charged except if you’re going to donate, the app is free!). Enter your billing detail and proceed.

4. After completing the checkout page, it will take you to Snap download page. Click the Download Now button to download Snap.

5. After Snap has finished downloaded, move it to the desktop of your computer and proceed with the next step. This completes the first phase of Snap process.

6. Proceed to download Sachesi, the app that we will install snap on for access to install WhatsApp on blackberry. To download Sachesi, type this into the address bar of your browser:; it will load the download page for Sachesi, click on download button and get it on your system. It is essential to download the latest version of Sachesi; you will find the latest on the top of the page with a file name ending with Windows.7z for windows OS if you are using Mac computer, the file ends with

7. After downloading Sachesi, click to open. You can proceed to the next step for installation instruction.

8. After installing Sachesi, leave it opened on the install tab then drag and drop the file into the list. Once it is done, you will see a progress circle indicating the file is loading onto Sachesi; this means Snap is being transferred onto your phone, wait until the process is complete at 100%. Allow the process to complete and make sure not to abort it while the process is ongoing.

9. Time to install WhatsApp on blackberry. With the above method up to step 8, you have succeeded in getting Sachesi and Snap-on your blackberry device. Congratulations! At this point, you can unplug your blackberry from the computer; your phone now has Snap installed which will allow WhatsApp free download for blackberry q10.

10. Click on the Snap button on your BlackBerry, and give permissions by clicking OK and sign into your Google account.

11. In the Snap environment, search in the bottom right corner for WhatsApp.

12. Download WhatsApp by clicking on the download button you located from your search in step 11.

13. When you find WhatsApp in the search, tap on the Open Installer.

14. In the page that pops up, click on ‘Install’ located top right side corner of the screen.

15. Once you clicked on Install, you will receive a prompt to Allow App Installation on your BlackBerry settings. Click on Settings and enable Allow Apps from Other Sources to be installed. You can accomplish this by simply sliding the switch to ON and tap the back bottom left corner to return back to the Install Page.

16. Finally, on the ‘Install’ page, click the Install button to install WhatsApp on blackberry.

This looks long, but you are getting the real action, my friend. The WhatsApp you just downloaded is the real thing, and you are getting the real action! I admit it’s a long journey home, but this way, you won’t have to throw away your WhatsApp as I did. For your information, I am back to the WhatsApp world, where life is much better!


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