For several months already, our homes have become our learning, working and living hubs to comply with the physical distancing regulations imposed by the various governments. The working transition for higher education institutions has not been easy with students and teachers having to adapt to e-learning.

From the uncertainty of student registrations and public funds, to online classes and a campus life that complies with social distancing regulations, the university experience is likely to be held in a very different environment for this year’s cohort of students. Several scenarios are currently being evaluated by various universities around the world. A…

For several months already, the world of work has been forced to reinvent itself to allow employees to work from home. Employees have begun returning to work in their office buildings but to a very different workplace.

  • How can you manage the new 1-meter rule given by the WHO guidelines so that your offices remain operational?
  • How will you guarantee that your employees and visitors won’t risk anything when they arrive in your premises?
  • How does an interactive map solution simplify everyone’s return to work in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic?

Here are some of our best practices that…

Before addressing the issue of interior positioning, it is important to understand how outdoor positioning works. Basically, there are two ways to figure out one’s position. The first way is to compute a precise position at a given time; it’s called Absolute Positioning. Since Earth is a spherical object, the information is made of spherical coordinates composed of two angles called latitude and longitude and a distance called altitude.

We are accustomed to using Web and mobile applications with embedded mapping features to either locate a person, position an asset or show a car itinerary. Most of the time, those applications rely on popular mapping solutions such as Google Maps or Apple Maps to display cartographic content. While those platforms provide an excellent user experience they also have some deep limitations especially when it comes to indoor capabilities.

Google Maps and Apple Maps have been primarily designed to fulfill outdoor consumer needs. They are intended to manage public data whether static such as roads and points-of-interests (POIs), or…

Since the beginning of the 2000s, the digital revolution, first led by Web technologies, then led by Mobile technologies reached and disrupted most parts of the economy. The Real-Estate industry is one of the few that did not hop on the digital transformation wagon. This delay is caused by multiple factors, here’s a list of the main ones:

  • Buildings are designed to last for multiple decades. Only a small fraction, about 1% in developed countries, is rebuilt every year making it a market with a huge stock and few new edifices. …

Mederic Morel

Co-founder and CEO at Mapwize

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