By: Medha Agarwal and Urvashi Barooah

We believe there is an opportunity to optimize every layer of the CFO tech stack in response to the pain points we covered in our initial post. As we alluded to there, some of this optimization is already underway: The space has seen a lot of innovation in the past few years, mostly driven by finance practitioners and operators who are frustrated by the status quo.

Below we have created a map of both established and emerging companies looking to innovate various aspects of the tech stack. …

By: Medha Agarwal and Urvashi Barooah

At Redpoint Ventures, we have been evaluating the finance technology stack within organizations for the last few years. More than ever, we believe that the tools finance uses will be re-imagined — and that the time is now for this evolution.

We believe this next generation of software products will increase visibility, automation, and collaboration for finance teams and unlock critical value.

In this first post we will focus on the current state of the finance tech stack and some insights on what is required for success from our conversations with finance leaders. In the second post we share a market map outlining both the established and emerging players across the stack, as well as our view on the most interesting areas of opportunity. …

It would be a considerable understatement to call 2020 unprecedented, but from the Covid-19 crisis to climactic climate events, elements of this year have — and continue — to reshape our way of life. But innovation continues, and entrepreneurs have continued to build, many of them striving to meet these novel challenges or other persistent problems across industries as varied as retail to healthcare. Capital and counsel remain constant constraints, and so one of the questions I’ve been asked most frequently is: Is it still possible to fundraise? Or, its cousin: How should I approach fundraising differently in this environment?

To be sure, much has been written about reduced access to funding (my colleague Tyler notes how investment activity in fintech tightened 30% from Q1 to Q2 this year). …


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