I’m from India. I came over here to pursue my bachelors degree in Computer science. I’m new to Seattle but my sister lives in here. But I need to find a place to relax and enjoy the with the Nature. Then, I was searching for places over here in Seattle then I found this park “Lake Union Park.”

Near my neighbourhood, I discovered a whole new beautiful world. Having an early walk in the park could always refresh our minds. Standing at the entrance of the park, the freezing cold breeze made me shivered. I closed my eyes and took a long, deep breath. All the fresh air tasted like something very fresh, filled my lungs and body with a fresh feeling. It was a beautiful morning! As long as I walked inside the park, the sun light across the sky quickly turned into light orange. The green lawn looked like a green ocean. I could feel the softness of it by touching it but it was wet, May be it rained the previous night or its the dew. I think the caretakers of this park grew trees and bushes along the path. People called the trees as the residents of park. With so many branches and all of them are not having leaves. Only few trees are having the leaves as many of the leaves shredded down. While looking at the branches, I noticed a leaf falls in front of me like someone threw it down from the tree. No matter how hard it struggled it still can’t get fixed back on the tree. Fallen leaves piled up under trees. They formed various patterns like the mysterious pictures. Trees grew up and leaves fell. We called this the cycle of life. Nature is showing us its beauty in all its possible ways.

Ducks enjoying their swim in the pond!

Beyond the area I found a pond, with ducks which are just enjoying their swim in the pond quackking all the time. Several birds flew through the branches of trees and added beauty to this tiny world. Appreciating little things in daily life could always let us reflect ourselves.

Its a huge park located at the south end of Lake union in Seattle,Washington. This park is operated by the Seattle parks and recreation. After rennovation, the current park space was officially opened on September 25th,2010.

Coming to the history of this park this property was acquired by the city for the purpose of providing public park space. It was underutilized for a ong period due to the lack of attractive features. Later on they conducted a campaign and collected about 20 million for the park and rennovated it.

Awesome view of Downtown from the park!

This park is design is optimized to provide access to water and green space,connect the surrounding neighbourhoods, celebrate the cultural, industrial, and maritime heritage of the city. It includes the restored shoreline, great lawn, footpaths, park benches, infrastructure that can support large events. It includes the historic ships whar housing several historical vessels like the fireboat called Duwaish, steamer called Virgina V and the Lady washington used in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean. It is having the largest Navel reserve building, Centre of wooden boats and mueseum of history and industry, Moss bay for kayaking, paddle boating, the park houses etc.


Absolutely beautiful park that offers great views of the lake. Great place to sit out and get some sun, eat a snack, get your feet wet in lake. Love to come here and watch the boats ply the lake and see the aeroplanes take off and land. We can enjoy MOHAI and wooden boat marina especially people like to put their canoe in the water here and explore the water ways in south lake area. The mueseum is a lot of fun and stirs up a lot of memories and to take a break from work. Great view of lake, tables to eat lunch at a great place to lounge around or enjoy a picnic on the huge lawn.

The spectacular aerial vIew !

Come here! You can enjoy alot and get away from the stress and tensions and can make your mind peaceful.

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