Things only a Museum can teach you:

  1. Guesswork : I love how usually everyone starts of with the classic line “there are two kinds of people in this world…” – in this case, I’d say all those who visit a Museum in India fall under one category. Entering a museum and browsing through a collection can only incite Guesswork. You keep wondering where the artefact came from, it’s significance and well, sometimes the material too. Some museums are generous with their labels, but for those who aren’t they really make our brain cells work, and that’s a good thing! ;)
  2. Keeping your hands to yourselves : Somehow, we love to touch things and know their texture – be it vegetables or museum pieces. Must refrain from the latter though, because some artefacts may be delicate. In today’s time, it’s imperative that everyone visits a museum, just to be able to gain this discipline of keeping your hands from touching anything that comes your way or you like!!
  3. Less Digital, more Personal: now this is ironical. Have you ever noticed how instantaneous your reaction is to someone falling or the rain or an accident? Yeah instead of reacting to the situation most of us fall towards “clicking” the moment and jumping to social media. I simply love museums with a no-photography policy. They challenge your brain to remember what they’ve seen and describe it to people rather than Instagram-ing it!
  4. The importance of Coins: we love our money big, and never care for small change. Well Museum Entry fees in India surely makes you appreciate the value of lose money. How even a rupee can be so important. So the other day I visited the ASI museum and the fee was ₹2.00 !! Am not kidding, even the price of Melody has increased over the decade but Museum Entry, hardly so. Anyway, so I kept insisting they keep 10₹ but heck no- they were so adamant. Finally, I had to settle for rummaging through my bag in the hope of finding some pennies. Luckily, I did.
  5. And lastly, Museums can instil a sense of wonder : these days nothing makes our eyes roll wide with amazement! When is the last time you said “wow”? (Except perhaps at SriSri’s disaster) Museums preserve pieces which are a million years old and some of the museums even have great Conservation Labs – they really do ensure our eyes pop out at the very sight of some objects in the gallery.
Harappan Seals (I’m guessing )
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