Top 9 most atmospheric indie games

The creation of any game, even a small slot one, is a process long and hard enough. The enemies of all indie developers are the lack of financing and constantly growing game quality requirements. Creating games without any help often turns out to be too much of a problem, therefore developers and independent companies get engaged in crowdfunding, look for publishers who may be interested in their project, or, like the FairWin team, launch an ICO.

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May 7, 2018 · 5 min read

Nevertheless, we like indie games for their individuality, originality, independence, lively humour and creativity.

This article will show you some little known, but very interesting games which are made by small collectives of developers.

Mystik Belle

I will begin this review with a rather well-known game created by one developer Andrew Bado. The game was published on Steam far back in 2015 and since then has had time to gain recognition and love of game fans worldwide.

The game narrates the story of a little witch in a magic school. Something like a female Harry Potter. The little witch runs, jumps, conjures, kills monsters and carries out different magic tasks. Despite its simple graphics, the game is charming and manages to grasp your attention from the start. Tanking into consideration that its founder developed it alone, the game deserves a standing ovation.


One more extremely atmospheric, gloomy and very beautiful arcade by The Game Kitchen team. By now the developers have managed to collect over 333 thousand dollars on Kickstarter.

The game action develops in a gloomy medieval world which is occupied by monsters, fantastic beings, various evil spirits and religious fanatics. If I were asked how the consciousness of a religious fanatic living in the 15th century Europe at the height of the plague epidemic looks, I would respond: “like in Blasphemous”.

Comic Boy

The Comic Boy game places on the pages of a comic book. To the tune of dynamic rock music you need to collect bananas, jump over obstacles and evade traps. The game is absolutely relaxing and one can play it even with one hand — a very pleasant and soothing pastime.

Forest of Liars

This tremendous game is made (will be made) in the quest genre. The player travels deep into a mystical forest which is occupied by various monsters and magic creatures.

On his way he meets new companions, some of them can turn out to be dangerous people, some will try to manipulate you or even lie. You need to distinguish the truth from lies and make the correct decision to make your way into the thicket and meet the forest guard. The scenery, characters and locations look truly breathtaking. The developers — a small French company Umeshu Lovers — have already collected 20 % of the desired sum on Kickstarter.

Relentless Rex

This amusing arcade by independent developers deals with that great period when there were no people on Earth and our planet was inhabited by huge prehistoric beings. The main character of the game is a nice small dinosaur who was unlucky to be born on the eve of a big explosion.

The game founders are distinguished by an original sense of humour (I would consider it black humour), unique style and big hopes for crowdfunding to develop this masterpiece.

Underground Fighters

As one of the FairWin games will be made in the style of the 90’s fightings, I simply could not pass by this remarkable game. Underground Fighters is developed in the best traditions of street fightings and is seasoned with black humour in the early GTA style. The graphics are a little crude, but add charm to this game and evoke nostalgic feelings. The developers — the Play Systems Game team from Brazil.


It is a slot game created by the FairWin team of developers. The game deals with the magic Scandinavian tree Yggdrasil. Using the magic symbols which land on the reels, the players need to grow (however strange it may sound) the Universe Tree. In accordance with the spirit of Scandinavian mythology the game features magic runes, gods and even Odin, riding his eight-legged horse.


When independent developers take up horror game creation, the true horror is born. Agony is not a game for the nervous and only a few admirers of horror will find it to their liking. The atmosphere and gameplay completely justify the title. You play as a sinner’s soul trying to recollect the past. The super ability of your character is the possibility to get into the bodies of different beings and use their abilities to reach the goal.

In a nutshell, if you have never been to hell before, do not miss out on the chance.


It is a strategy with some RPG elements, created by the team of developers known as Lost Pilgrims. The game action takes place in a gloomy fantasy world full of dangers. You are a leader of a small caravan and need to travel around the continent, explore new lands, gain riches, battle enemies and learn about the world that surrounds you.

Of course, there are many more indie games worthy of attention. It will take much more than one article to tell you about them. I will delve deep into this in the next materials.

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