Today’s society has both the blessing and the curse of having access to a
vast range of technologies. A person can be diagnosed by doctors while video-chatting from his or her own home, communicate with someone located on the other side of the world instantaneously, or monitor his or her home through enhanced security systems.

While these technologies offer many blessings, there are potential downsides that accompany their presence.Technological progress has created a situation of severe tension and incompatibility between the right to privacy and the extensive data pooling.People are currently living in the Information Age, where devices record and…

The dream to create skilled and intelligent machines has been part of
humanity from the beginning of time. This dream has now become a part of our world’s reality. The last century brought the first explorations of the connection between human intelligence and machines, marking the beginning of an era of research in the field of artificial intelligence (AI). Around the mid-twentieth century time, the first robots were created. They grew more advanced over time, and thus humanoid robots were born.

Humanoid robotics focuses on the creation of robots that imitate aspects of human form and behavior. Humanoids come in…

In the midst of a global pandemic that has affected and strained our lives in every possible way, the only thing that kept us going was the hope of the invention of a vaccine, and indeed, we’re recovering from one of the most traumatic phases of our lives only after we’ve been assured about the vaccine. It is hence a no-brainer now, for people to realize how crucial it has become for a country to have a strong workforce of bio scientists and microbiologists.

Understanding the importance of biotechnology and life sciences, and taking them up as a career option…

The world we are living in is such that the general interaction among individuals is not just limited to communicating and expressing thoughts, but it also involves us being observant and aware of the disposition and ‘vibe’ we receive from the person before us. While interacting, each individual is subconsciously involved in observing the facial expressions and general attitude with which a person communicates. This signals one's discretion to generate an impression about the person standing before them and also cautions their senses on how much information or knowledge is to be conveyed at their end.

The unique ability of…

Kid: Yeah, what is that?

Techniche: Well, it’s a hot topic these days in the computational field; it is a topic of interest for a lot of computer science enthusiasts. You can hear this word in TED talks, in keynotes, in promotional videos of rapidly growing start-ups and almost from every successful entrepreneur.

Kid: You are just running away from my question, explain it to me!

Techniche: Alright! Alright! Here you go….

Machine Learning is about teaching computers, how to make their own decisions or predictions based on given data. So a true machine learning enthusiast will make the computer…

The 2019 General Elections are just around the corner. Are you ready to vote? Have you checked that your name is in the voters list? If these words trip you, or if you find the entire process of registering as a voter intimidating or confusing, here is an article that shall guide you through each and every step involved in becoming a voter. It shall also give you an insight into some voting related vernacular to get you going.


How to register as a voter? If you are an Indian citizen, an ordinary resident of the polling area of the…

Since our childhood days we have been taught about the importance of physical health in life and the numerous ways to avoid sickness and diseases altogether. But the topic of mental health isn’t taken up as such.

Why is it so? Is it that the so called “mental patients” are different than us? Or is it that they are always dangerous to the people around them? The answer is a straightaway NO. Anyone from us — you, me or any of our acquaintances can suffer from any of the various mental illnesses, at any point of time in our lives…

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