Parkmobile design by New Haven County Marketing Agency mediaBOOM

Parkmobile North America, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, is one of the largest providers of cashless parking systems in the world. No coins to pay for parking? No worries. With Parkmobile’s pay by phone parking service, parking is faster, easier and much more convenient.

New Haven County Digital marketing agency mediaBOOM was hired by Parkmobile to establish identity standards and see that those standards were adhered to across multiple marketing initiatives. As a means of firmly establishing the new brand standards, mediaBOOM redesigned and developed Parkmobile’s website.

mediaBOOM delivered a modern, informative and easy-to-navigate interactive experience. On the website, customers can register for Parkmobile’s pay by phone parking service directly or download their iPhone mobile application. From there, it’s as simple as “Park. Phone. Go.”

Look for Parkmobile in cities, stadiums, airports and just about anywhere else you park.

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