Neural Networks is a core of any system which can identify and recognize people by their faces in real time.

In airports, banks, police use digital face recognition for security check, using cameras. However, can we apply this technology in business and for what purpose?

Neural Facial Recognition

Let’s talk about the way Neural Networks work? The model consists of three steps:

There are many ways you can get insights about your target audience. For example, social screening and listening, conducting the surveys, etc. You can’t be allowed to spend much time on the research because competitors never wait. Today we want to discuss the advantage of using the pattern recognition system. It is based on AI, similar to a neural network.

It sounds very exciting when you can watch your target audience, understand what do they like and what don’t, what attracts their attention, for example, ads. Cameras are the source of incoming data about buying habits and popular products. …

When the speed and quality and services have to be improved, it is high time to say hello to Artificial Intelligence.

AI Representatives:

Chatbots are ideal for proceeding with orders, providing feedbacks and answering the question.

Kiosks — no human interaction — a straightforward way to place the order instantly.

Robot is a new chef and as well as a waiter who can communicate with people.

Recognition Systems are designed for tracking history and overseeing customer wishes.


InsuranceBot is the unique chatbot for an insurance company.
Get your orders through bot platform and communicate with the client.
InsuranceBot is provided like white-label cloud service.


InsuranceBot is designed and developed for insurance companies, which provide such services as auto, health (life) and property insurance.

Instant and direct communication with customers is an integral part of any business. 24/7 contact with existing and new clients can help you selling, interacting, and maintaining lots of activities. There is only one issue to solve — technology! If all mentioned above resonates with your company perspective, you will need a BrandBot.
This AI-based technology is very easy-to-use, and there is no need to install additional software on your PC or smartphone. You can chat with a bot in your favourite messenger.

The reason why your business needs a BrandBot

First of all, to be closer to the customer. Most SM businesses use email and SMS channels…

You probably know that Telegram is the place where you can buy whatever you want. From now on, lost and broken TV/Air conditioner controls are not the issue, you can buy them on Telegram too. We are eager to present the new chatbot, developed by Evergreen for our trusted partner If you are confused about a type of remote you need, directly upload the photo to the bot and technical support managers will find the right match for you.


Wholesale and retail online store VashPult has introduced the first chatbot selling the remote controls @pulti_bot. …

About the client:

SMS-Fly Company, Bulk SMS service, Ukraine.

SMS Fly has been providing the bulk SMS service on the Ukrainian market since 2011. The company is the official partner of mobile operators. SMS-Fly is a “fair” texting service. With the help of it, you can manage your text communication from your User Panel where you can set individual or bulk SMS campaigns, import and group contacts, gather the statistics, and replenish your account. Moreover, thanks to the API you can integrate with other external systems.

SMS-Fly is a typical start-up which has grown into a successful company, starting from the bulk messaging…


Company’s name: Vash Pult;

Type of company: e-shop;

Sphere of business: whole and retail sale of remote controls.


VashPult turned to Evergreen at the moment when business tasks greatly exceeded the capability of the old website, created on the already outdated platform. Moreover, to maintain its functionality became difficult and time-consuming. The company needed a new, convenient both for business and clients website.


For the maintenance and accounting of sales, VashPult used two independent systems, which were not directly integrated with each other — Microsoft Dynamics Nav (Navision) and retailCRM. Navision tracked orders from wholesalers, stored the wholesalers’ price categories…

Nowadays many retail companies are implementing chatbot technology. And it’s a great benefit to boost your business among competitors.

If you are dealing with “live” customer interactions, AI and natural language processing are the right solutions to innovate the business.

Commercial chatbots not only execute multiple tasks but the level of the services they provide is very high.

E-commerce ChatBot To-Do List

Shopping Cart
Once a user places the item in the cart, a chatbot sends a notification.

Customer Synergy
There is no need to answer the most popular questions to a client millions of times. …

As we have already written, CUI (conversational user interface) is a user interface conception which speaks the same language with a user.

The specificity of the CUI for a chatbot is that at its creation a vast number of scenarios are written down, which should take into account the limited capabilities of the bot interface. The detail and forethought of these scenarios determine the future of this bot. If the bot doesn’t understand and doesn’t respond to requests properly, it will never become popular and won’t yield the desired effect to its owner. …


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