Harvard has declared John Lennon as most likely creator of “In My Life”

By Marissa Sanchez, Content Creator for SolidArt

The late John Lennon

“In My Life” has been one of the many greatest hits by the Beatles who have pioneered modern music. The debate on whether John Lennon or Paul MCartney had written the song has ended. A statistician analyzed songs written by both writers and declared that “In My Life” was most similar to John Lennon writing style. The unique pitch “ In My Life” was reportedly most similar to “Help!” that was penned by Lennon compared to Mcartney’s “Michelle” and other songs that had a very different style of pitch.

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Mark Glickman, senior lecturer in statistics at Harvard University, and Jason Brown, Professor of Mathematics at Dalhousie University, created a computer algorithm which broke down Lennon’s and McCartney’s songs into over 149 different components to determine the unique styles that each writer had in their songs, which then determined who most likely wrote “In My Life.” The computer generated results indicating that John Lennon more than likely did.

How do you think Sir Paul MCartney will respond to Harvard? Will he attempt to defend his artistic rights to “In My Life”?

Why don’t you give it a listen and decide for yourself?

“In My Life” by the Beatles