Hcash Team Visits Joint Blockchain Lab at HK Polytechnic University

Aug 23 · 2 min read

Hcash CEO Adam Geri and COO Andrew Wasylewicz have recently paid a visit to Hong Kong Polytechnic University to learn more about the latest developments in the joint research laboratory.

Andrew, Dr. Allen and Adam standing out the front of the HK PolyU Blockchain research lab

In October of 2017, CollinStar Capital established a multi-million-dollar joint research laboratory in collaboration with Monash University and Hong Kong Polytechnic University. The main laboratory is based in Monash University’s Clayton campus where the researchers focus on post-quantum ring signature while the Hong Kong-based laboratory has been focusing on zero-knowledge proof research, development, and implementation.

Adam and Andrew had an informative conversation with Ms. Karina Ko, the lab manager, about the ongoing development of the Hcash code and about how they could further collaborate in the future. Dr. Steven Lam (Manager of Innovation and Technology Development Office), Victor Zhao (Assistant Director of Innovation and Technology Development Office), and Dr. Allen Au (Associate Professor for the Department of Computing) also met with Adam and Andrew to discuss the ongoing development with Post Quantum Zero Proof.

From left to right: Dr. Steven Lam, Victor Zhao, Adam, Dr. Allen Au, Andrew, Ms. Karina Ko

Findings in the Hong Kong-based joint lab, which have been used as the basis for Hcash’s tech development, could lead to the integration of current and future public and private Blockchains.

More information and news will be published later. Please stay tuned.

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