How to Participate in HCASH AI Lightning Protocol Public Beta on hcGUI

Jul 3 · 3 min read

Important: The ‘AI Transactions’ feature can only be used on the testnet of the ‘2.2.0 Beta’ version of hcGUI during the public beta, and will be available to use on the mainnet after testing is completed.

This guide has been made for users who wish to participate in testing for the HCASH AI Lightning Protocol public beta, using hcGUI. Testing done by members of our community will allow them to be the first to experience new features, and also help the HCASH tech team collect valuable data about the implementation, ensuring its intended operation.

The public beta is going to be running on the HCASH testnet. If you do not yet have a testnet wallet, please create one before starting.

You can collect testnet tokens from:

You can download hcGUI from:

Please note: if this is your first time using the testnet on hcGUI, it may take a while for data to load.

If you already have a test net wallet, you can simply log in and make transactions using the Protocol.

1. Log in to your testnet wallet on hcGUI.

2. Go to the AI Transactions page

  • Send: users can send testnet tokens here.
  • Receive: users can generate a HC address here (for testnet use only).
  • History: users can review their transaction history here.

We are grateful for the immense effort made by all contributors. Each contributor and community member is vital to the technical development of the HCASH ecosystem.

To stay up to date with information, or to join our community, check out the following channels:

Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, English Telegram, Chinese Telegram, Korean Telegram, Korean Announcements, KakaoTalk, Naver Blog


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