Bitcoin Is the Newest Symbol Of Luxury

In 2012, a single Bitcoin was worth less than $10 and it has reached unprecedented heights of almost $20,000 at the end of 2017. When its value dipped below $4,000 in 2018, some suggested that the cryptocurrency movement was a temporary fad: like all trends, it was meeting its end. But the price is back up again, to over $12,900 in July. Despite the fact that there’s no such thing as a physical Bitcoin, the digital currency has become a newest symbol of luxury.

Bitwise’s Global Head of Research: ‘Bitcoin Is Like Gold … Just in the 1970s’

In an article published earlier this week, Matthew Hougan, the Global Head of Research at Bitwise Asset Management, argues that Bitcoin is too volatile to be considered a “store of value”, but that is OK because if you want to become wealthy, what you really want is “an emerging store of value”.

Hougan’s article for Forbes, which came out on Wednesday (August 21), was addressing the claim made in a Barron’s article published on August 16 that questioned the claim that Bitcoin is a safe haven asset.

BitPay Blocks $100,000 Bitcoin Donation to Amazon Rainforest Charity

Crypto payments company BitPay has refused to honor a large donation to a non-profit environmental organization that is working to protect the Amazon rainforest.

Amazon Watch, founded in 1996 and based in Oakland, California, works to protect the rainforest and advance the rights of indigenous people in the Amazon Basin. It took to Twitter on Friday to complain that a donation of $100,000 was rejected by BitPay for being “too high”.

NYE Coin is officially listed on CMC

“NYE Coin management team are pleased to announce NYE listed on CMC, one of the milestones in our road map journey”

CoinMarketCap link:

About CoinMarketCap:

Coinmarketcap (CMC) is one of the most widely used and the biggest resource website to research Cryptocurrencies. It is a website/platform to get an overview of the cryptocurrency market capitalizations. You can track price, supply, trading volume, exchange platforms and many other information regarding the listed cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin Is Starting to Behave Like a Store of Value, Report Suggests

A recent report has found that bitcoin, the flagship cryptocurrency, has seemingly started to have like a store of value, and is “potentially being used” as a safe haven asset.

The report, published by Digital Asset plan and first covered by Market watch, digs into the price performance of bitcoin, gold, and the S&P 500 index over the past 90 days. It shows the flagship cryptocurrency “moved in tandem with gold” and “swung inversely to moves in the stock market.”

Israel Bitcoin Association Petitions Banks to Reveal Crypto Policy

A number of Israel’s bitcoin traders have already filed lawsuits against the country’s banks and on Monday traders lodged a formal petition demanding that the financial industry explains its cryptoasset policy.

Israel’s banks have barred the country’s crypto investors from depositing the returns on their bitcoin and other digital currency investments due to the nation’s strict laws on money laundering and the financing of terrorism.

Bitcoin Starts the Week Green as ‘Fear & Greed Index’ Turns Favorable

Bitcoin and other top cryptocurrencies started the week on a positive note, with BTC gaining more than 5% on Monday and being up 0.5% so far today.

Bitcoin Price August 2019

After a week of a steady downtrend in value for bitcoin, the price of BTC saw a favorable increase on Aug. 19. The price of the leading cryptocurrency by market capitalization jumped over 5% in the span of hours, in part due to a shift in market sentiment.

Samson Mow: Lightning Network “Changes the Whole Dynamic” of Bitcoin

As part of a wide-ranging discussion with SFOX , the founder of the BTCC exchange, current CSO of Blockstream and Magical Crypto Friend, Samson Mow, has given his opinion on the status of Bitcoin and the advantages of its nascent Lightning Network.

While, through projects such as its attention-grabbing Satellite program, Blockstream has looked to support and reinforce the Bitcoin network, when Mow was asked about how he uses the cryptocurrency in real life, his reply his reply was short:

“I don’t,” he told the interviewer. “I use credit cards!”

Former U.S. Presidential Candidate Ron Paul: “I’m All for Cryptocurrencies”

Texas Libertarian Dr. Ron Paul, who is a former U.S. presidential candidate (three times, in 1988, 2008, and 2012), discussed his views on blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies in an interview on Thursday (August 15). Also, a day earlier, he issued a statement on the Federal Reserve’s upcoming FedNow Service.

Hong Kong Develops Bitcoin Premium as Protests Continue

Bitcoin and cryptoasset investors in Hong Kong are seemingly paying a premium on their trades amidst the ongoing political unrest, which appears to have created increased demand for BTC.

Hong Kong Premium

According to data compiled by the P2P bitcoin exchange LocalBitcoins, traders in Hong Kong are paying an average of $300 or more per BTC than traders elsewhere in the world. The 2% premium on trades is reportedly being generated by the high demand for bitcoin and cryptoassets in the country, as political unrest continues to push the citizenship towards greater uncertainty in the future.


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