The Next Step To Reinvention

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3 min readJul 10, 2020


The Road Traveled

Circa 2009, a young six member team opens a small office in the burgeoning vicinity of Salt Lake, then still untouched by the hullabaloo of the IT firms and Sector 5.

Times were challenging and so was the competition. Amidst the flurry and frenzy of the big guns, the agency stood rock solid, rooted in its belief of providing valued added communication and being a true blue 360° ad agency.

Gradually, word of mouth and a positive outlook worked wonders. The team strength grew, the offices relocated and spread across South Asia. The agency’s services too broadened, from being only inundated with film production, diversifying into Events, Brand Activation and many more. Add to that, the steady support of people who had put their firm belief in it — nation builders, social transformers and innovators, Reflexions had truly arrived.

Re-brand. Why, But Naturally!

10 years is a pretty long time. Now arose the need to re-brand ourselves, put across firmly what we were all about, something that would reflect our core values — simple yet modern, bold but always fascinated, ambitious and rooted.

Seeing & Hearing is Believing

The first task was to introspect what Reflexions meant to the people who built it, worked there…what did it stand for?

Ever since our inception, we had always been captivated by the journey of branding, the shape it takes over time, the ideas which stem from it and above all, the need to define it.

We delved deeper and soon a brand narrative started to take shape.

It was no longer the question of just a What, it soon transformed into What If?

Giving ‘Shape’

From the earliest brainstorming session, one thing was unanimously agreed upon…the need to tap into shapes.

To us internally, shapes meant a plenty of things. From being a singular identity, to helping us freely voice our opinions and finally forming a universal language — alluding to shapes guided us to a clearer tone of voice and messaging — simplistic, bold, strong and accessible.

Unlike our previous logo, the dearly held “R” was now not overtly dominating but in fact was the catalyst that took the brand story forward. The new eccentric “R” was a sort of a recall factor for the audience, helping them easily recognize us. The parts comprising the “R” were explicitly used over different communication, further reinstating our fascination with shapes.

Circular TT Bold, the typeface, was a nod to the industries we have serviced and also signifying Reflexions’ stability, boldness and reliability. The colour palette too was reminiscent of the previous logo, making us relatable to our existing partners and taking the brand legacy forward.

And thus came about this new existence, opening boundaries to a gamut of visual connotations that transpire to the new identity of what Reflexions is.

The Future Trajectory

So here we are! Presenting the brand new face of Reflexions.

Along with the new identity comes a new outlook — of reshaping old associations and reinventing new, of reworking old formats to rediscover better ways.

The present situation has forced us to rethink, for instance a How is now a How About?

Thus, we too are spreading wings, flying over newer pastures, making substance score and looking to collaborate with like-minded people. We have used technology to the hilt, but at heart, still retain the same desires of doing things never thought of before, to adapt…to create and to stand out, once again!

P.S. Just a reminder! We are always on the lookout for something exciting & challenging, do feel free to get in touch with us.



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