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August 927 — Sneak Peek into Next-Gen Venture Capitalism

Let’s start with understanding what venture capital actually means. “Venture capital is financing that investors provide to startup companies and small businesses that are believed to have long-term growth potential”. August 927 is a decentralized funding source platform for start-up ICOs and Blockchain companies. August 927 focuses primarily upon Market Value Assurance, where the term encompasses creation of value for all stakeholders: shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers, partners and society.

So basically, August 927 platform conducts the due diligence phase and the vetting process. In this phase, the assessment of an expected value of the ICO can be supported by the complete evaluation of the principles, methodology, transparency and integrity that the investigation phase of August 927 determines.

August 927’s aim is to raise funds from ICO, to develop a decentralized secure eco-system which will empower every individual to create & build crypto-assets by participating in fundamentally strong projects & investing in different cryptocurrencies. Their competent team will research, approve & invest in fundamentally strong real life projects which are looking for crowd-funding and feel that raising capital with ICO would be of benefit to them.

August 927 will have management of tokens purchased from 30% of the funds secured through the August 927 ICO, in the form of the tokens called August Tokens. These funds are to be used to purchase a portfolio of other tokens to invest. These will be primarily used to provide a base for growth of the tokens, not per se as ready and liquid funds. August 927 will have 50% ownership (share) in the selected ICO. 10% Airdrop will be given to August Token holders. All the transactions will be in August Token only and not in any other token or coin.

Here is the breakdown for the Panel members of August 927:
● 35% of the Panel Members will be from Blockchain development space
● 35% Panel Members from Cryptocurrency and ICO industry
● Remaining 30% will originate from various industries, such as venture capital, legal, share market, marketing experts, production management, banking and non-banking sector, or I/T development.

August 927 Platform will give panel members 5000 tokens to join the platform as advisors. All panel members will have the right to suggest a concept to the platform. An individual panel member can submit more than one concept. When this happens, the other panel members and stakeholders will vote on both concepts and the highest voted concept will be eligible for funding from August 927 Platform.

How do token holders benefit?

● August gets 50% share in new ICOs which translates into wealth creation for August token holders.
● Transactions in the new ICOs will take place in form of August tokens only. This will help in creation of demand of August token and in turn valure creation of all the token holders.

● The new ICOs allot 10% of their tokens as airdrop to the August community members, resulting in potential windfall gains.
● August token holders having more than 4000 tokens are entitled to Silver Community Benefits which provides them with voting power to have a say in the decision making process. Silver Community Members also earn additional tokens from the voting process.
● Token holders benefit from August’s “Market Value Assurance” methodology which is focused at building trust and assurance amongst all involved parties.

The August token is not just an ICO, it is the key to unlock the potential August 927 possesses, with projects like August Pay Payment Gateway, August Pay Blockchain Layer and the August Business Group in the pipeline.



media august

August 927 is a decentralized funding source for start-up ICOs and Block-chain companies in various stages of growth. www.august927.com