AUGUST927 The Project to Watch

Here’s Why August 927 is the Project to watch in 2018

The 2017 cryptocurrency market was one of the most unpredictable, with hundreds of startups looking to make their mark in the volatile Blockchain industry. Investors have now focused their attention on highly publicized and established virtual currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. It’s no longer enough to have real estate in your portfolio; crypto has become the way to go for many investors. However, there is one problem with investing in crypto. How do investors know how to get the best deals in ICOs/TGEs? August 927 have come up with a solution to this challenge.

A To-go-to Choice for Investors

August 927 is a blockchain-based venture capitalist firm that specializes in crowd-funding for ICOs/TGEs. The firm, launched in 2016, may become one of the most popular cryptocurrency transaction fi because of the unique benefits it offers its stakeholders.

According to company’s Whitepaper, August 927 will soon be launching its Ethereum-based digital currency, the August Token. The peer-to-peer token will enable its users not only to make regular purchases — we’re talking of the buying coffee kind — but also to position themselves favorably in ICOs.

Think of August 927 as a multipurpose crypto unit. Users buy into the community by purchasing August tokens in the current TGE stage (there are a number of countries excluded from participating in the TGE). In return, the firm’s management team scouts for promising startup ICOs and backs them. Under the firm’s 100 Ambassador Team project, projects with potential are identified and endorsed by August 927. This serves two purposes. First, it allows August to broaden its portfolio while acting as a funding source for promising projects. Secondly, the endorsement allows August token holders to participate in the spotlighted ICOs with a generous 10% benifit.

Creating this win-win scenario is not easy for many companies, which makes August 927 one of the projects to watch out for this year.