Launching an ICO/TGE This is what you need to know (and how August927 can contribute to your success)

You want to join the list of successful crypto/blockchain based firms. You have done the work. You have scouted possible investors, worked every bug out of your token’s programming and come up with a highly differentiated product. What you need is an ICO/TGE to get your tokens in circulation.. Sounds easy enough, doesn’t it?

Research in the past has shown that many crypto/blockchain startups fail or “semi-fail” because they launch under the assumption that an ICO/TGE is just another step in the growth process. However, just like with an IPO, an ICO can make or break a cryptocurrency. Crypto developers need to remember this fact as they prepare to open their firms to the public. Thinking of launching an ICO? Here are three considerations you should keep in mind:

The hype matters. ICOs/TGEs are not just about getting people to invest in your firm. They are also about making a statement. If you want to launch an ICO/TGE successfully, know your market. Determine what investors want and find a way to give it to them. At August 927, we have enough resources to effectively publicize.

Valuation is critical. Ask for too much, and investors will turn away; too little, and it may not be worth their time. Our 100 Ambassador team can get you the company valuation you need to get your price just right. Once our panel decides that your project/ICO could be worth it, investors can use our August token to participate in your ICO/TGE.

…and so is creating value. Investors trust businesses with good reputations as well as solid management practices, no matter the product or industry. At August 927, we can help you put your digital currency company on the map by crafting the right tools and strategies to improve your chances of success post-ICO/TGE.

All these factors matter when launching a crypto company, so consider them if you ever think of launching an ICO/TGE.

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