Al Aweer Used Car Market

Is the Middle East’s premier automotive website featuring used cars listings exclusively from dealers and private sellers from Dubai (UAE) and other Emirates? Bank for car loans (Emirates Bank International), auto insurance companies, automobile testing and inspection services, the Police Traffic Department for car registrations, even a car auction facility, and vehicle driving courses (Emirates Driving Institute).

Pictures of the cars, including that £1 million Enzo, have sparked fury on social media, with many assuming that the hyper-wealthy citizens of Dubai used cars Dubai are so rich and so numb to the value of the things that they own that they simply leave the car when they’re bored and get another.

You’ll certainly be spoiled for choice if you opt to go the second-hand route for your first car purchase in Dubai. We will endeavor to buy all types of cars with a focus on damaged, salvage, scrap, non runners and even cars that are not registered. Dubai Police Force consist of 17,500 sworn members, is the police force for the city of Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates. And we do not rest on our laurels — as the demand for new and used luxury cars in the emirate soars, we endeavor to better improve our services in the years to come. The international economy had suffered a setback on 2008 affecting most countries including the UAE and Dubai. A relatively tame part of Dubai Police’s fleet, but BMW’s legendary ‘M’ badge signifies there’s no shortage of power. Dubai local directory is a local resource consulted by hundreds of thousands of customers and visitors before making buying decisions.

Sure, police forces in other countries have a few halo cars that are great for promotional purposes, but a list of the Dubai Police fleet reads Dubai cars like a who’s who of supercars. Users can browse second hand cars by price, make, model and even the year in which they were launched.

Don’t forget that cars drive on the right-hand side of the road in Dubai and the UAE. With our proven track record in the industry, we know used autos in Dubai better than anyone! Most driving in Dubai will involve frequent stopping and starting on flat roads in straight lines, except for intersections. For more information, please visit our site

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