Napoleon Conquers Austria: The 1809 Campaign for Vienna

Napoleon Bonaparte is one of history’s greatest commander-in chiefs. You can find more about him in amazing books like Napoleon Conquers Austria by James R. Arnold on online platforms like Mediabak. The following event is a true story and depicts the conquest of Austrians in the most bizarre manner. It was 1805 and Napoleon was having a hard time conquering the country since they had a very strong position on the eastern banks of Danube.

The French army needed to get across but the bridges they needed to get across were wired with explosives and would be triggered at the slightest provocation. Then marshals Lannes and Murat came up with a bizarre plan that actually worked. They strolled across the bridge laughing and joking about how the armistice had finally been signed avoiding lots of bloodshed.

The guards were still unconvinced and had their gun pointed at both Lannes and Murat. However, they still continued with their jovial conversations with the enemy forces. The French army was also instructed to cross the bridge in the same manner. Hence, the whole army marched across the bridge with their guns on their shoulder.

The Austrian guards still suspicious, were getting vary of this exercise. One of them tried to light the explosives and were almost successful but Lannes very bravely snatched the match out of his hand. He further went on to scold the guard saying that he was destroying public property by doing so. Once all the soldiers were across the bridge they pointed their guns towards the enemy force and took them down.

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