This week, we catch up with Gothenburg’s Magnus about his latest collab with Sandy H, and we get a little nosy about where he comes from and how he gets things done.

MB: Let’s start with how this interview came about. Media Blackout has a new release with your lovely voice on it. It’s a collaboration with a wonderful french producer called Sandy H, who you’ve worked together with in the past. How did you two meet and what is the working relationship like?

I’m not entirely sure about this but I think I found her first. I heard a track by chance on Sound Cloud and liked the vibe. We hooked up online and she did a remix of a moodblanc track called Funky Summer. Both my bandmate Kenneth and I loved how she added her own vibe to the track. She dressed up our feel good summer track in a winter coat. Don’t know why but I always think of snowflakes falling down when I hear her version. I told a radio friend in the UK (Vic Danhar, Phoenix FM) about her and he played her tracks on his show ”Turn it up”. I also told a great blog called Lipstick Disco about her. They focus mainly on lifting female producers. Me and Sandy H never met IRL. We create and communicate on line

The lyrics and vocals on “And Then There Was You”, are simple but very memorable and they are currently on loop in my head. Can you talk a bit about that writing process and what this song specially means to you?

Well that track means a lot to me. The lyrics are personal and kind of describes my past, my present and hopefully my future. After a divorce I was single for many years. I started to give up on love thinking that my life was ok anyway. Daughter, family, friends, music and a job that I like. ”Kind of blue, but my kind of blue”. But then one day I found love again. First date, six hours that went too fast, ferry ride, city lights reflecting in her green eyes…She inspires me on all levels and Sandy’s instrumental track had a vibe that made me feel and create from the heart.
Magnus doesn’t want or need your fancy software and plugins. He’s got all he needs right here.

What is your go-to tool for recording? Are you a plugin aficionado?

You are talking to someone who knows nothing about plugins. I have a digital Yamaha Grand Piano and a SURE mic in my living room. I plug them into a vintage Mac Book and use Garage Band.
It takes a village to raise an artist like Magnus.

What kind of microphones do you prefer? Are there any things you tend to do to your vocals that help you get your sound?

I have a SURE USB microphone at home but my friend and bandmate Kenneth (Moodblanc) have a much better mic at his house. I prefer that one but I don’t know which brand it is. As you can tell I don’t know much about these things. I use no effects on my voice.
I record my vocals without effects to let whoever is producing the track add whatever she or he wants. I usually dub myself a couple of times and sometimes I add a falsetto to create a different vibe.

Who is the doing the kind of creative work that inspires you the most. Feel free to give references that aren’t even musical. Fashion, design, architecture… whatever inspires you!

I get inspired by people who dare to be themselves no matter what. Like Frank Ocean. I think he is great songwriter and lyricist and I embrace the fact that he tells other stories than the tired ones about popping molly, drinking Hennessy and treating women like dirt. I also admire the fact that he dared to write an open letter to a man he loved.

I’m sure you’ve got a lot of things in the pipeline that you’re excited about. Do you have anything you can tell us about now?

I have some more collabs coming up with talented and friendly producers that I would love to meet IRL one day. I can also reveal that there is a new Moodblanc track in the making. The track is the first since our album release and it definitely has some strings attached. The guy who arranged and recorded strings for Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande has done some extraordinary work for us!!! Love having real strings and long to share that track. Kenneth’s production is magnificent and I am so objective.

MB: That’s exciting. Who doesn’t love real strings? We can’t wait to hear it and will be on the lookout for it. Thank you for spending some time with us, it’s been a pleasure!

Moodblanc’s latest album is pressed on gorgeous all-white vinyl. Buy it here

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