Automate habits

Assign each habits in different place

Nauman M
Nauman M
Aug 21 · 1 min read

phone for social media

kindle for reading

office to work

iPod to music

so that you don’t get distracted and not do anything

  • Create a chain after each habits- morning wake at 4- work- followed by gym- heavy protein diet- work- meditate- then a walk — read- and social media
  • Be accountable for the hobby — make it public
  • Never fall for motion (perfection) go for action(doing things) even its very tiny to see.
  • Forming and breaking habit- once you excelled it is easy to do it . like learning language . only thing is get used to it
  • habit breaking -like 21 day streak is a myth. key thing to focus is how many reputation of the same habits
  • 2 minute rule- read one page before sleep- to be a reader. gym- just show up — which will automatically build the habit- just two minutes then stop. master this, then go for five minutes.
  • automate your habits

Originally published at Mediabloger.

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    Nauman M

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