No Zero Day Week — 11

Nauman M
Nauman M
May 1 · 1 min read

Started Writing my journal again. not writing the journal costed a lot for me i had a mental focus while writing, i quit journaling so that i could get on trello borad. but that didn’t work for me. learnt that physical writing has more power than writing in digital format

Its been a week that i listened to only 2 songs. i had the music addiction in the past, getting over is tough, i couldn’t go cold turkey. now i could see lot of changes in me. that i focus more on the current problems and try to overcome it than ignoring it.this will be a life changing decision, if everything went right.

now started focusing on my Posture and body language. this will be my biggest challenge to overcome. and also i started to care more for the current world problems and getting more into debates.

Started taking pause . from my blog i learnt taking pause frequently and thinking back on will it help me on a long term basis. this i started adopting from my previous blog. this helps me to focus more on deep work rather than on shallow work.

Meanwhile also dealing with choosing better career, which will uphold me for better. need to work on challenging environment . also focusing more on reading and more podcasting, and taking notes, and also working on my to-do list is my top most priority.

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