No Zero Day Week — 8

Well its been an 8th week (may be more, but as far as my clear progress tracking goes)

So this week, well what to say, my habit’s are drowning a bit steep. well some atleast some progress to worth noting down.

Trello — i have not updated anything since week, but this has to happen or its tough to track down the progress.

podcast — hell lot of podcast completing, these days, so i had too much to listen to, have been listening while commuting and working out. will be soon my posting my podcast list.

music — subscribed to apple music(free version of 3 months) its soo good, that i listened while working out, or travelling.but its limited as too many podcast on my pending list. but a huge shoutout to apple music

career — has tough time, but when i look back i have made a lot of progress, and i’m hustling right now.

books — since i have been not waking up, this has been remained slow progress, but i find time to read at least an hour daily, but i have to admit its too hard to find. a lot on my reading list. and also haven’t updated my goodreads.

content production — my blog progress is too slow, hence i figured out this should be on my list, so that i can focus more on creating content for my blogs and social media platform

to do list — actively striking off the to do list. pretty happy with the progress. marking different colours on my to-do list (i use google keep currently) worked well for me. and its also turning easy, to complete my list

waking up — i have not woke early (or at the considered time) because, i have changed my sleep cycle). i sleep late at night after working, but this method doesn’t work for me. so i’m slightly pivoting these days, so could be more productive in the morning.

Originally published at Mediabloger.