No Zero Day — Week

so i had a most regrettable week. i lost track in between the week. but towards the end i started getting back on track. i have nothing more to write here but the catch is to keep hustling.

Cold shower- this is the only thing i have folowed and maintained towards the week and continuing the same progress from thebegining

Music — i started to listen more music more, because i couldn’t focus on things, and hoped this would help but its not and it won’t so…

Reading — Though i have been adding more books to reading list. and also been reading. i am running slow. so i had lot to catch up. to reach this years goal. so i will speed things up. and also i’m planning to pivot the genre of the book. to lean more towards my career

write — i have been lazy to write this week. published arround 2 blogs. and 3 more on drafts. so yeah. all i had to blame was myself

to do list- all went wrong here. i started adding more list. thinking that this would help. but the problem was that it added more clutter. so towards the end of the week i kept tick my boxes but couldn’t come closer

Career — so learning things has been slow this week. i have too many notes to take on. and the courses to complete. last week i promissed that i would go aggressive this week. but i failed this week also

Waking up — consistently failing over this week. my average wake up time for this week was 5.30. so i have been consistently failed to wake up in the morning. so one thing i have realized this is. this actually is connected to every other goals. so need to go fast to bed, and no screen time after 8.00.

Originally published at Mediabloger.