Pre Placement mood Survey, IIT(BHU) Varanasi

It is remarkable how over 1400 days could just be a blink of an eye, but well, that’s life as it comes it has to be embraced that way. Life doesn’t end here but begins a new voyage. The campus is abuzz with the placement season just around the corner, and we present to you the bigger picture like never before.

Navjot Singh Sidhu once quoted: “Statistics are like mini-skirts. What they reveal is tantalizing but what they hide is crucial!” Read along while we decipher the IIT BHU placement moods with our inferences:

The Stream Effect.

Gradients of preferences have been observed varying dramatically with branches. While the CSE and MnC guys are all set to bag boastful jobs, junta from Electrical and Civil seems to also have startups and higher studies on their mind. Mechanical, Electronics and Chemical students are apparently more inclined towards securing decent jobs, whereas the rest of the branches are looking to apply themselves in other walks of life. A wise soul once quipped that in India, you become an engineer first, and then decide what to do with your life. Amen to that.

The CGPA Effect.

Interviewer: “Why is your CG so low?”
Engineer: “Sir, lower the Centre of Gravity, more stable is the body.”

You walk in with a JEE Rank, you leave with a CGPA. Does it define you? Well, no comments. More than 2/5th of guys with pointers less than 8, choose to be pseudo-engineers and explore other alternatives. On the contrary, a huge bulk of inhabitants on the other side of the Atthi are already hoping for a high-salary job. The MBA territory, extends towards the apex of the CGPA pyramid, with the UPSC zone sandwiched in the centre, while the Startup province confines itself (though not strictly) to the lower half of the pyramid

The Gypsy’s Fate.

“Aaj khush to bohot hoge tum, hayiin? Jo aaj tak tumhare mandir ki seediyan ni chadha vo aaj tumhare samne hath failaye khada hai!”

About 60% of the people who walked in with an open mind now prefer a job over everything else. The free-elf Dobbies have finally found their new masters. The other minions have chosen themselves to serve the evil world as officers, managers and entrepreneurs. They have realized where to find their bananas.

The Demographic Effect.

More than 2/3rd of people hailing from rural and semi-urban areas have chosen to stay in the comfort zone by securing a job for themselves rather than fancying their chances elsewhere. The wannabe-managers and the ones opting for higher studies are predominantly urban inhabitants. The self-proclaimed bosses and the to-be officers hail mostly from urban and semi-urban areas.

The Hollow Core and The American Dream.

“India is my country and all Americans are my brothers and sisters.”

The States are but temptation magnets for most IITians, and our junta is no different. Almost 70% final yearites who wish to pursue higher education see themselves studying in America sooner or later. A meagre 12% find India worthy of making themselves wise enough. With over 85% people confident of bagging an on-campus job, only 1/3rd wish to choose Core while over 40% students are inclined towards IT and Finance to quench their appetites. Money edges over Interest & Aptitude as the driving force with peer & parent pressure continuing to influence a few.

The Paradigm Shift

A higher fraction of final yearites have are aiming to be managers and entrepreneurs as compared to the last year. There has been a significant decline in the number of people choosing UPSC as their career path. Moreover, there has been a remarkable rise in the number of minds that prefer Public Sector jobs in contrast to the previous year. An inspiring fact is that a significantly greater number of students are optimistic of securing a job right on campus.

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