excuse my ignorance but isn’t eating a high fat diet be bad for other health related reasons …
katie moffat

Not so much. For about four decades (most of my life, then) saturated fat, together with cholesterol, has been considered a huge contributor to heart disease, thanks in part to a hugely influential research study.

This was an important study, and it was correct about many things; however it also planted the idea “low fat is healthy” in the public consciousness.

Recent research, however has more or less debunked this. We should eat a diet rich in unsaturated fats (often called the “Mediterranean diet”). Here’s an excellent article that covers a lot of the back story.

When it comes to the saturated fats/unsaturated fats discussion, the evidence is a lot less clear. The Paleo types often coming out strongly in favour of saturated fats — the solid-at-room-temperature ones, mostly animal fats. There has however been a Cochrane review (2015).

They say:

Lifestyle advice to all those at risk of cardiovascular disease and to lower risk population groups should continue to include permanent reduction of dietary saturated fat and partial replacement by unsaturated fats.

Despite not being at risk of heart disease myself, I think this is pretty sound advice; I’m going hard on the butter this week (for the sheer joy of it) but plan to get most of my fats from nuts, avocados, and oils over the longer term.

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