My dictionary app writen with react-native

This is my first post here. I want to tell you my dictionary app story.

I have a web site linked It is translating word and text between 119 languages via Google, Microsoft and Yandex APIs and my database. I have 7k visitors daily.

In 2014 I wrote an Android native app on Android Studio. Only my mobile web site visitors downloaded it from Google Play. This year I decided to code IOS app. But it was hard to learn Swift. (Also Objective C) I tried for 1 month and sent it to Apple Store. But Apple disallow my app with too many issue.

After that i thought over it and found what, cross-platform mobile app development tools.

The first solution is Xamarin which able you to write C# code syntax. Second one is react-native that you write javascript.

Anyway i decided to write with react-native and finished it and upload to Google Play and App Store.

See app on Google Play

See app on Apple Store

I am happy that i used react-native. Because you write one code, it is just using native compenents. And you are using same UI and back-end code for all mobile platforms. In same CLI, you can compile your code and open emulator and simulator. Also react-native has really huge community. You can find what you want here.

If you want to write cross-platform app with react-native just start here